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Using a multi-layered approach, the Department of Public Safety provides services and employs strategies that maximize crime and safety awareness while at the same time encouraging community members to take responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of others. Throughout the academic year, Department members conduct crime prevention and education presentations, distribute preventative and informational literature, and deliver safety and security programs to new and returning students, faculty, staff and guests. Police and environmental health & safety administrators participate in student orientations held at the beginning of each academic year, as well as various other programs and functions sponsored by the University, for the purpose of providing information concerning crime awareness, campus safety, and other public safety procedures, practices and initiatives. Often times, public safety officials are called on to conduct educational and preventative presentations for a targeted group; however, it is not uncommon for public safety officials to contact a particular community member, group, or division when a pattern of criminal or unusual activity is observed at or near a particular campus location. These various overlapping measures promote campus safety by providing a proactive strategy toward thwarting dangerous or threatening conditions that adversely impact the University community. To learn more about crime prevention, or to request a presentation or other literature, please call 202. 274.5148.


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