UDC Prepared

A Community Awareness Program, based on the FEMA’s Ready campaign, encourages individuals to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies. Planning and awareness is key during any emergency event.  Emergency Management at the University of the District of Columbia provides response and recovery from predictable hazards and emergencies to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the University Community.


Are you prepared for an Emergency? Making a plan is fundamental in personal preparedness and is an essential part of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any incident or emergency you may face.

Individuals should plan for the following:

Get Away/Evacuate

  • Know alternate exit routes
  • Identify assembly areas (near & far)


  • Identify a safe location to shelter
  • Know how to protect and isolate yourself from the threat


  • Consider a variety of ways to keep in contact with family, friends, roommates and co-workers in case communications and information technology infrastructure is damaged or overwhelmed

People with Access and Functional Needs

  • Include family, friends, roommates and co-workers in your plan by helping them understand your needs during an emergency


Building an Emergency Go Kit is an important first step to becoming prepared. Emergency and first-aid kits should be easily accessible and portable, in case you need to evacuate. It is recommended that you have separate go-kits for your home, office and car.

Have at least three days of supplies to sustain yourself. Items recommended by READY.GOV:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Radio & extra batteries
  • Medications & items for unique needs
  • Cash & some change
  • Clothes & comfortable shoes
  • Important documents
  • Filter mask or cotton t-shirt
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags & plastic ties
  • Plastic sheeting & duct tape
  • Whistle
  • Mobile device charger

In addition, consider the needs of others in your family including children, the elderly and pets. For pre-made, ready for purchase emergency go-kits, the UDC Public Safety and Emergency Management recommends visiting the Red Cross Store


The University of the District of Columbia utilizes several different methods to notify the UDC Community of emergency situations and safety-related information.

UDC Alert powered by LiveSafe

  • UDC Alert provides a direct connection to the UDC Police Department’s Emergency Communications Center. UDC Alerts may be sent via email, text, push, and social media. Download Live Safe today.

UDC Communications

UDC Information Line 202.274.5000

  • Provides recorded information regarding the university’s status and any pertinent information.

Media Outlets

  • UDC may contact local media outlets with emergency information, such as weather-related delays and closings.

Government Alert Systems

In addition to UDC Alert, you may choose to sign up to receive alerts from your local jurisdiction.

  • Capital Region Updates is a clearinghouse for emergency alert systems in the National Capital Region including the District of Columbia’s AlertDC.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts may be issued by the National Weather Service (for severe weather alerts in your current location) or by the President of the United States. These alerts will be received on any WEA-capable devices.


Emergency Procedures
Emergency Operations Plan

Emergency Management
Office of Training | Compliance |Emergency Management
Building 39/C04
phone 202.274.5050
email police@udc.edu

Emergency Telephone Numbers

University Police – 202.274.5050
Local Emergencies – 911
Risk Management – 202.274.7178
Campus Services – 202.274.5865
University Health Services – 202.274.5030
University Information Line – 202.274.5000
Mayor’s Citywide Call Center – 202.727.1000


Emergency Communications Center
Building 39, Room C04
p | 202.274.5050
f | 202.274.7486

Open 24/7/365

Download the LiveSafe Mobile Safety App

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2016 Annual Security Report