Find Your Possible


The University of the District of Columbia leads the DC metro region in college affordability by offering some of the lowest costs for associates and bachelor’s degree programs.


Flexible Admission Dates

Online, Hybrid and In-Person Classes Available

All DC Government Employees are Eligible for DC tuition Rate Regardless of their Residency

Remote Tutoring in Writing and Math

SAT and ACT Optional

GRE/GMAT Deferrals Available

Merit Based Scholarships for students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. No application required.

Virtual Orientation- Complete at Your Leisure

Follett All Access Program (Books and Materials Delivered Electronically or to your home)

11 Certificate Programs that meets the needs of working adults,

Virtual English Proficiency Assessment (Duolingo)

Onsite Learning Pods Available on Van Ness Campus  (Study, Internet Access and Access to Printer)

Shaun Garrison - Find Your Possible

My professor said “ I see something in you”
My UDC experience changed my life.

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Dayana Delgado - Find Your Possible

“I didn’t know it was possible to secure a fellowship at an ivy league school, UDC helped me to achieve that.”

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Steven Tiller - Find Your Possible

“I received my Masters in Public Administration in
18 months and graduated debt free.”

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