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In July of 2018 the UDCNAS convened an Oversight Committee, then referred to as the UDCNAS Work Group, to begin the process of reviewing the organizations bylaws. Since we have also secured pro-bono legal counsel through Michelle Weinbaum, Anthony Saldana, Ashley Romanias, Ataefiok Etukeren, Kendall Carter, and Roland Barral. At this time the UDCNAS Bylaws will be open for review prior to going before the UDCNAS Board of Trustees for final approval on February 13, 2019. All comments should be submitted in writing using the Bylaw Proposed Changes Work Sheet. Comments submitted be sent via email to or can be dropped off in person at the UDC Van Ness Campus Bldg 39, 3rd floor and will be due on February  8, 2019 by 11:59 pm.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Director of Alumni Affairs, AlexandraWashington, by email or phone 202.274.6052.

UDCNAS Bylaw Draft

Bylaw Proposed Changes Work Sheet

Memo from Counsel

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