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CAMPUS Overview

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THE “CAMPUS” platform is live, and trained stakeholders are encouraged to login and begin using the platform in their advising duties. If you have any comments, feedback regarding “CAMPUS” please email them to

SSC Campus at UDC

The Student Success Collaborative “CAMPUS” platform at UDC aims to increase retention and graduation rates by improving student support. Developed by the Education Advisory Board (EAB), the program combines technology and best practice research to help institutions assist students on their educational journeys.

How it works

CAMPUS is a cloud-based student support tool that helps university stakeholders connect with students and uses predictive analytics to alert advisors, staff, and students if a student is veering off the path to graduation. The platform utilizes the university’s historical data to predict a student’s academic progression based on predictive analytics of students who have successfully graduated in the desired major over the past 10 years.

Faculty and Professional Advisors can use CAMPUS to schedule appointments with students, create watch-lists, and monitor and track caseloads. They can also connect with students via text and email, and even refer and track students to support services. Advisors see a comprehensive array of diagnostic information on a single screen and can select a drop down arrow per topic for more detailed information. Trained users can create outreach lists or “campaigns” based on criteria they choose.

Administrators can use the predictive analytics workbooks to identify trends regarding student progress and degree-change patterns in the major, college, and institution.


If you are an active professional or faculty advisor who has completed training, you will receive access to “CAMPUS.”  You can log in using your UDC email address and provided password. The university will be expanding roles and permission for faculty, and as well as support staff during the academic year. Please look for emails and notices regarding upcoming training sessions.

Who do I contact for training?

Reminders about CAMPUS

  • Make sure your FERPA training is up to date, if not please contact Ms. Giana Hendrick ( or Anthony Jemison ( in Talent Management.
  • Once you have completed the required trainings you can log-in using your UDC email address and provided password.
  • If you are unable to access the “CAMPUS” platform once you have completed training, please email:
  • Dr. Timothy L. Hatchett ( -Van Ness
  • Ms. Latisha Avery ( – Community College
  • Ms. Doni Russell ( – Van Ness

Additional Questions

Email: or call 202.274.5102.