Environmental Quality Testing Laboratory

About us

The Environmental Quality Testing Laboratory (EQTL) of the University of the District of Columbia offers full-service environmental sampling and analysis to customers in the DC Metro Area and beyond. Managed by the DC Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES), EQTL provides a wide range of services, including high-quality reliable and affordable analytical, and field sample collection services. Our team of experts, who possess interdisciplinary science and engineering experience, is committed to providing our customers with accurate data on time, using the latest technology, instrumentation, and resources.

Our services

  1. Lead and copper testing in potable waters
  2. Water testing for other metal elements and non-metal contaminants, including arsenic and mercury in potable and non-potable waters
  3. Soil, bio-solids and composts testing for metal elements and non-metal compounds, including lead and arsenic in urban gardening, macro and micro plant nutrients in soil or soil mixes
  4. Tissue testing for metal elements, including lead, arsenic, selenium, potassium in plants, meets, cereals or vegetables
  5. Fecal Coliform test in fresh and marine waters
  6. Sample collection (DC only) and laboratory training

If you are interested in a quote to order a laboratory testing service, please read our standard terms and conditions and then make a request for a quote.

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