Career Services Center

The Career Services Center supports the strategic mission of The University of the District of Columbia Community College by providing career services including career counseling, career assessments, career education, job readiness and career networking to students, faculty, and community partners that encourage a culture of active and collaborative “navigation” of the lifelong career development process. Students receive resource information from Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Department of Labor, Society of Human Resources Management and Office of Human Rights and other Career Services Center approved agencies to identify best practices and industry employment drivers.

Career exploration also occurs during industry job shadows, industry field trips and Skype mentoring sessions. Employers perform career and professional development informational workshops throughout the course of an academic year. Employer partners can also reserve an interview room and/or send a Skype request to pre-screen and hire UDC Community College students within the Career Services Center. Students also share and/or give employers samples of their industry portfolios to showcase their knowledge, skills, and abilities during the interviewing process.

Students have access to the Dress for Success rack and unlimited access to attend all onsite recruitment fairs. The Career Services Center has the latest technology around virtual career advisements via Skype, the Wynbi career matching database, and the College Career Center smartphone app. This University Career Center app allows students/graduates to get announcements; the most updated information on events, onsite recruitment, and job fairs; and to connect to the career services online portal, which has access to hundreds of jobs all while in the palm of their hands. The app also has a push notification feature for students to receive daily text alerts and more. In addition, students can begin to schedule academic and career services appointments through their smartphones on the GradesFirst scheduler tab and view daily hourly part-time jobs, TED talk sessions, and interview tip videos.

Main Office:
Building 53, 204
Ivan Laney
Director of Career Services
University of the District of Columbia Community College
801 North Capitol St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202.274.7236