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On September 16, 2014, the Board of Trustees approved the restructuring of the Board committees.   The Notice of Final Rulemaking was published in the D.C. Register on September 26, 2014. The new structure consists of the Executive Committee; Committee of the Whole; Audit, Budget and Finance Committee; Operations Committee; Academic and Student Affairs Committee; and Community College Committee. 

Regular Board Meetings


Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
Regular Meeting Tuesday, February 7 agenda
Regular Meeting Tuesday, April 18
Regular Meeting** Tuesday, June 6
Regular Meeting Tuesday, September 12
Regular Meeting Tuesday, November 7

Executive Committee

Chair: Christopher Bell
Members: Mignon Clyburn Esther Barazzone Jerome Shelton
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio/Minutes

Committee of the Whole

Chair: Christopher, Bell
Members: All Trustees
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes

Audit, Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Jerome Shelton
Members: Charlene Drew Jarvis Errol Schwartz
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
 Audit, Budget and Finance  January 24 Agenda Audio
 Audit, Budget and Finance March 28
 Audit, Budget and Finance ** May 23
 Audit, Budget and Finance August 22

Operations Committee


Chair: Ken Grossinger
Members: Jerome Shelton Carolyn Rudd Mildred Musgrove Anntoinette White-Richardson
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
 Operations January 31 @ 9:00 am Agenda Audio
 Operations April 4
Operations** May 25
 Operations August 24

Academic and Student Affairs Committee


Chair: Anthony Tardd
Members: Mignon Clyburn Charlene Drew Jarvis Barrington Scott Esther Barazzone Mildred Musgrove
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
Academic and Student Affairs  CANCELLED-  January 18
Academic and Student Affairs March 22
Academic and Student Affairs** May 17
Academic and Student Affairs August 30
Academic and Student Affairs October 18

Joint Committee Meeting


Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
Audit, Budget and Finance and Operations TBD

Committee on Student Outcomes


Chair: Esther Barazzone
Members: Mignon Clyburn Charlene Drew Jarvis Anthony Tardd Carolyn Rudd
The Committee on Student Outcomes will monitor the effectiveness of student outcomes at the University in multiple areas, including retention, graduation, and job placement and earnings. The Committee will report to the Board regarding such outcomes as well as policies designed to improve such outcomes, working with the Division of Student Development and Success in regards to their efforts to improve the student success at the University.
Type of Meeting Date Agenda Audio / Minutes
Student Outcomes CANCELLED- January 10
Student Outcomes March 14
Student Outcomes** May 9
Student Outcomes August 15
Student Outcomes October 10

**If Needed

Office of the Board of Trustees

Contact: phone 202.274.5700

Frenika Rivers - BOT SecretaryFrenika Rivers, Executive Secretary
phone 202.274.6258 | 202-536-9851(cell)
email Frenika.Rivers@udc.edu

Upcoming Meetings
All meetings are held in Building 39, 3rd Floor Board Room


Past Resolutions

For Board of Trustees Resolutions prior to May 15, 2017, please contact Frenika Rivers, Executive Secretary, Office of the Board of Trustees.