Department of Business ProcessĀ  Management (BPM)

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought or exacerbated many challenges to higher education institutions. It has spotlighted the need for innovative, efficient business operations to serve institutions by reengineering archaic processes and introducing new hybrid working systems. In response, the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE) established the Department of Business Process Management to work hand in hand with UDC business units to examine and implement the changes needed to establish more efficient and effective University processes.

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The Mission

The mission of the business process management team is to create, redesign, and re-engineer business processes to improve and drive operational efficiency and effectiveness. The business process management team is also responsible for developing comprehensive and innovative enterprise solutions aligning with institutional goals and objectives.

The Goals

It is the goal of the Department of Business Process Management to achieve the following for UDC through our institutional continuous business process workflow.

Increase Matriculation and Growth

Improve Institutional Efficiency

Increase Student, Faculty, Staff, and Community Engagement

Increase Student, Faculty, Staff, and Community Engagement

Increase Matriculation and Growth

Increase Matriculation and Growth

Increase Retention

Increase Retention

Increase Enrollment

Increase Enrollment

The Strategy

OPIE will collaborate with UDC Divisions and Departments to perform a continuous institutional Business Process Workflow. There are 3 Phases to this workflow. Each Phase will take up to a fiscal year to complete per UDC Business Unit Group.

The UDC Departments and Divisions will be divided into 3 Business Unit groups (Internal Operations, Academic & Student Affairs, and External Affairs) based on their business function.

Once each of these business unit groups enters the Business Process Workflow, they will cycle through the 3 phases in perpetuity unless amended by the Senior leadership of OPIE or The Executive Cabinet of UDC.

Business Process Workflow

The Method

The Business Process Management team will begin the Business Process Workflow with the UDC Business Units that directly impact the mission of the institution.

If the University is not functioning effectively, this will directly impact student enrollment, retention, progression, and graduation. Some of the challenges that may arise due to inefficiencies are redundant processes and communication breakdown. These units are also utilizing limited personnel with hybrid working environments.

By focusing on increasing efficiency, we anticipate an increase in faculty and staff engagement through buy-in to the business process management workflow.

This workflow will produce greater transparency in operational knowledge, gaps in process, and improvements that will create more efficient and effective operations.

Group A: Internal Operations

Financial Systems

Budget Operations

Accounting Operations

Accounts Payable

Student Accounts

Cashiers’s Office

Talent Acquisition

Benefits & Compensation

HRIS & Pay Services

Employee & Labor Relations

Organizational Development

Help Desk

Project Management

LAN Support

Capital Planning & Operations

Facilities Management (Campus Services)

Real Estate Services

Reproduction Center

Shipping and Receiving & Mailroom Operations

Space Reservation and Event Management

Transportation and Fleet Management





Office of the President

Office of the COO

Office of the CAO

Office of the CSDS

Office of the CFO

General Counsel

Group B: Academic & Student Affairs

College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

UDC Community College

School of Business & Public Administration

School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

David A. Clarke School of Law

Office of Student Development and Success

Counseling Center

TRIO and College Preparatory Program

Office of Career Services

Residence Life

The Office of the Registrar

Health Services

Veteran Affairs

Office of International Student Services

Academic Advising and Support Center

Learning Resources Division

Group C: External Affairs

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions

Office of Sponsored Programs

UDC Foundation

Office of Institutional Advancement

Alumni Relations

Outreach + Alumni Affairs

Office of Marketing & Communications

Financial Aid

Procurement & Contracting

Enrollment Services

5 Year BPM Timeline
(Fiscal Year)







Phase 1

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group A

Group B

Phase 2


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group A

Phase 3



Group A

Group B

Group C