UDC: “We Are Black History”  Dr. Randall Horton

UDC: “We Are Black History” Dr. Randall Horton

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UDC: “We Are Black History”

Dr. Randall Horton

Dr. Randall Horton is a 2004 UDC Alumnus. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Horton began his education at Howard University where he studied economics. Horton dropped out of school in his senior year and got involved in drugs, which led to his arrest and conviction on seven felony drug charges. After spending time in prison, Horton went back to school and earned degrees at the University of the District of Columbia, Chicago State University, and SUNY Albany. Today, he is an award-winning author and self-proclaimed “prisoner turned professor” at the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

Professor Horton’s recently released book, “Hook: A Memoir” is a gripping biographical story of transformation that explores his personal downward spiral from an unassuming Howard University undergraduate to a homeless drug addict, international cocaine smuggler, and incarcerated felon. A seasoned author, educator and survivor, his work is an inspirational journey that chronicles how writing and literature helped build a pathway to his own recovery and subsequent redemption.

Horton’s comprehensive narrative bridges past and present, exploring race and social construction in America, the forgotten lives within the prison industrial complex and the resilience of the human spirit. Randall Horton is the recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award, the Bea Gonzalez Poetry Award, and a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Literature.

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