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"Retention is everyone's business."


The at large Retention Committee meets at least twice each semester. This meeting may take the form of a topical conference or general committee meeting. The Steering Team sets an annual meeting calendar for the Committee and Steering Team, with the number of meetings based on the expected workload, deadline, etc. Meetings are called by the Co-Chairs. Participation at Steering Team meetings is limited to members of the Steering Team, and guests invited by the Chair. Any individual wishing to address the Committee or Steering Team should contact a Co-Chair and request an opportunity to provide input during a forum scheduled for that purpose.

Minutes - February 13, 2012


Esteban Olivares
Director of Academic Advising and Retention
Retention Committee Co-Chair

Kimberly Pennamon
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Retention Committee Co-Chair

Upcoming Events

HBCU Retention Summit
Date: TBD