Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the centralized unit charged with the coordination of research and sponsored programs activities on a campus-wide basis.

Sharon Alston, Ph.D. Social Work

Youth Development, Aspirations of African American Youth; Delinquency Prevention, Risk and Protective Factors
Danielle Apugo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Identifying and Investigating the Visible Barriers that Exist in the Professional and Academic Experiences of Black Women within Educational Organizations, Generational Public Education Experiences, Peer Relationships, Optimal and Suboptimal Sustainability Strategies, Space Making, Identity Affirmation, Racial Vigilance
Iwan Bagus, M.Sc., M.A.

Photography and Related Media
Leroy Barton, Ed.D., Associate Professor

Metacognition, Study Skills, Learning Strategies in Historically Black Colleges and Universities Influencing Effective Learning, Notable Black Classical Clarinetist of the Past and Present
Jerelee Basist, M.A. English Professor
Reading, Literature, Drama,
Kimberly Bell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Health Disparities, Urban Stress/PTSD and Autonomic Activity, Health and White Matter Brain Alterations, Brain and Behavior
Angela Bradford, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Normative vs. Pathological Language Disorders, Voice Disorders, Narrative Discourse


Candyce Briggs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                                 
Recruitment and Retention of African American students in Gifted Education Program; Professional Development of school psychology in Gifted Education ; the effects of caregiver ethnicity on children/adolescents in out of homecare.
Angela Bullock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Technology in Social Work Education and Practice, Informal Caregiving, Co-ed Mental Health, Family Caregiving


Anika Burtin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Teacher Preparation, Adolescent Literacy
Janet Burton, DSW, Professor

Utilization of Action Research, Community-Based Teaching/Learning, Strategies in Social Work Education, Successful Aging, Family Relationships
Nancy Carlson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Graduate School Counseling

Gifted and Talented Education, Poetry Therapy, College and Career Readiness, Advocacy for Underrepresented Populations, Differentiated Counseling Needs in Schools, School Counselors,
Myesha Carter, M.S., Clinical Instructor

Teaching and Learning within Clinical Models for Speech Language Pathology


Michelle Chatman

Urban Ethnography, Gentrification, Youth Development, Culture and Well-Being
Benson Cooke, Ed.D., Associate Professor

Clinical Depression, Anxiety Disorders Across the Lifespan in African American, Cultural Competence for First Responders, Providing Crisis-Intervention Counseling in Disaster Relief to African Americans, Clinical Practice-Based Informing the Evidence-Based Practice of Culturally Responsive Generational Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder: Understanding the Role of Epigenomics for African Americans, Anger Management Interventions, Personal Empowerment Strategies for African American Youth, Rites of Passage Strategies for African American Males
Carolyn Cousin, Ph.D., Professor

Resistance and Susceptibility in Biomphalaria Glabrata, Intermediate Host to Schstosoma Mansoni (Flatworm); Cancer Outreach and Interventions for Cancer Control and Prevention


Abdi Darai, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chaotic Dynamics and Fractal Geometry; Different Equations and Population Growth Models, , Applications of Higher Special Functions to Problems of Elasticity, Integration of Computer Algebra Systems in the Instruction of Calculus and Applications
Freddie M. Dixon, Ph.D., Professor

STEM Student Training
Terrence Edwards, Ph.D.,

Community Resilience, Risk Communications
Jeffery Fleming, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair, Division Sciences and Mathematics

Several Complex Variables, Differential Geometry, Pluripotential Theory, Bergman Projection, Bergman Kernel
Angelyn Spaulding Flowers

Development and Utilization of Computer Models and Computer-Based Simulations to Examine Social Destabilization Phenomenon Such as Crime Or Terrorism Within A complex Systems Framework; Community Disaster Resilience; Complex Systems Analysis
Mehdi Hajiyani, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Heterocyclic Chemistry, Synthesis of Radio-Isotope Labeled Compounds of Biomedical Pharmaceutical Interest, Radioisotope Methodology, Structure, Biological Activity Correlation Study
Pamela Hampton-Garland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Gifted and Talented Education Advocacy, College and Career Readiness
Anthony Gongora, MFA, Assistant Professor

Fine Art, Performance, Dance, Digital Art, Visual Art
Tiffany C. Gurley-Nettles

Caregiver Influence on Post-Stroke Depression; Post-Stroke Depression and Stress
William A. Hanff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Emergence of Post –Security Thought; Creative Commons and Property Rights in Ideas; Cultural Evolution and ‘Liberal arts” in a Knowledge Economy; Curriculum Design for Free Inquiry into Media Production; “Willing” Suspension of Disbelief and Narratology
Suzan Harkness, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Political Science and Public Policy
Alexander Howe, Ph.D., Professor, Chair, English Department

Brandy Huderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Mammary gland breast cancer, Steroid Receptor biology
Amanda Huron, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Urban Geography, Cooperative Housing, Urban Commons, Washington, DC History, Urban Planning, Affordable Housing, Cooperative Housing, Tenant Organizing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Allyn Johnson, B.A., Assistant Professor

Jazz Performance and Composition, Jazz Recording, Program Presentations
Lloyd Jones, M.A., Associate Professor

Writing, Directing, Producing, Documentary Films, Techniques and Disciplines of Filmmaking and Scriptwriting
Richard C. Kalunga, Ph.D.,

Literacy, Cognition, Early Intervention, Speech-Language Pathology, Achievement Gap, Multiculturalism
Ayanna Kelley, M.

STEM and Literacy for Minorities, Early Childhood
Okjin J. Kim, Ph.D. Compliance Officer
Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Virology, Molecular Neuroscience, Neuropharmacology, Proteomics, Cancer Biology, Signal Transduction Pathways, G-protein-Couple Receptors
Arlene King-Berry, J.D., Professor

Education, Success and Retention in After School and College Orientation Programs, Developing and Validating Survey Instruments, Monitoring the Success Rate on the Practice I Exam, Developing, Retaining and Refreshing Early Childhood Educators, Paraprofessional Development, Curriculum and Syllabi Revision
Judith Korey, MA, Professor

Preservation and Access Presenting Music




Michelle Levere, MSW,
The Intersection of Race, Poverty and Domestic Sex Trafficking
Thomas Licata, D.M.A., Assistant Professor

Music Composition, Music Theory, Music Technology



James Maiden, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Counseling, Social Science STEM
April Massey, Ph.D., Dean

Intersection of Personal and Professional Identities, Balancing Constituent Expectations, Marker of Student Resilience and Satisfaction, Implications for Persistence, Emotional Underpinnings of Successful Academic Administrators of Color
Pamela Mertens, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Related to Incarcerated Individuals, Disaster Noncombat Related Trauma
Nathalie Mizelle-Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Women and Depression, Children and Adolescents with Disabilities; Resiliency, Microagressions,
Carl Moore, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Universal Design for Learning Inclusion, Educational Technology
Rachelle Nelson, M.S., Clinical Instructor

Clinical Writing, Faculty and Student Wellness
Madiana N. Odumosa., Ph.D. Assistant professor

British Literature; African Studies
Nelda Ormond, M.M, M.M.Edu, Professor

Music Influence on History and Culture, Music and the Brain
Carmen Ramos-Pizzaro, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor

Communication Patterns of Transgender Individuals in Transition, Voice Feminization Strategies, Clinical Teaching Methodologies
William Rice, III, M.A., Associate Professor

Statistics, Meta-Analysis
Hildred Roach, M.M., Professor

Performance Pan African Composers
Lisa Sechrestehrhardt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Cultural Diversity, Racial and Ethnic Identity, Multiracial Identity Development
Xueging Song, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Design and Synthesis of Derivatives of Biologically Potential Organic and Organometallic Molecules Aimed at Enhancing Their Bioavailability and Target Selectivity, Characterization of Their Structures Using State-of-the-Art Spectroscopic, Photo Physical and Electrochemical Methods, Understanding the Relationship Between the Properties of the Molecular Components and Their Bioavailability and Use That knowledge to Direct Our Synthetic Efforts.
Kristin Spivey, Ed.S.

Literacy, Narrative Skills in High Achieving African American Children, Tier II Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms, Teacher Professional Development and Coaching
Olive Vassell, M.A., Associate Professor

Black Europe, Urban and Community Journalism
Daniel Venne, MFA, Art Program Director/Associate Professor

Visual Art; Art History; Cognitive Behavior and Neoroscience As It Relates to Creativity and Visual Sensibility


Angela Bradford Wainwright, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Narrative Production – African American Older Adults; Voice Disorders; Normal + Professional Voice Production; Normal Language Production; Cognitive-linguistic  Research
Lena Walton, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

“Does Greater Breadth and Depth of STEM Knowledge in Middle School Science Teacher Preparation Impact Teacher Effectiveness?”, Models of Educator Mentoring and Their Impact on Educator Success and Retention Beyond 5 Years
Jillian Wendt, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Science Education, Technology in Education, Distance Learning, International Education
Amy Williamson-Barios, Ed.D, Division Chair, Education, Health and Social Work, Professor

Disciplinary Literacy; Classroom Diversity, Curriculum Development, Teacher Quality and Preparation, Online Teaching, Instructional Leadership, International Education
Wynn Yarbrough, M.A. Professor

Children’s Poetry; Gender; Education-Literacy; Modern American Poetry; British/Commonwealth Poetry