Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Message from the President

Dear UDC Alumni, Family and Friends:

UDC faces a plethora of challenges responding to the COVID-19 pandemic while serving many of the District’s promising, yet most vulnerable, students. The pandemic undoubtedly will impact the University’s finances negatively. In addition to fulfilling our educational mission, we also must meet the health and welfare needs of our students, who are older, and shoulder more life responsibilities than the typical college student. As we quickly implement digital instructional delivery across our entire curriculum, we are learning that for many of our students, relying on technology is a significant obstacle.

How can you help?

Many of our students have lost their jobs, cannot pay their bills, are adjusting to social isolation and online classes, and face increased food and housing insecurity.  While I know you also are facing challenges, I hope you will consider making a gift to our Emergency Student Assistance Fund.  This fund helps the most vulnerable members of our student community, whose numbers have grown in recent weeks.  Please join me in this time of need.  I have made a contribution of $1,000, and I hope you, too, will give as you are able.

We will do what is necessary to help stop the spread of the virus. We will serve our students to the best of our ability, in every way they require. We will hold families together as they struggle against loneliness and fear. Even if we can’t physically touch one another, our spirits will stay connected. I will do my best to help us, and our University, keep these promises.

Appreciatively yours,

Ronald Mason, Jr.