Educational Talent Search

What is the Educational Talent Search Program?

Educational Talent Search is a school year college preparatory program that provides high school youths with a disadvantaged background academic assistance, educational and career counseling.

Also, it encourages their students to graduate from high school and continue on to post-secondary education. Educational Talent Search is one of the several programs sponsored by the University of the District of Columbia’s Office for TRIO and College Preparatory Programs. It is a part of UDC’s Student Development & Success

Mission Statement

Educational Talent Search is funded by the US Department of Education for students who want to attend college. Educational Talent Search introduces the student to educational, career and financial aid opportunities available beyond high school and assists them to prepare success.


  • Provides activities that encourage youth to complete high school and go on to college
  • Informs students of the availability of financial aid services provided to persons who wish to attend college
  • Provides pre-college orientation and college placement assistance
  • Exposes students to college(s) and college life

Target Schools

  • Ballou Senior High School
  • Cardozo Senior High School
  • H.D. Woodson Senior High School
  • Roosevelt Senior High School

Ed. Talent Search

Main Office
Building 39, Room 106B
phone 202.274.5032

The University of the District of Columbia extends a warm welcome to applicants for the Education Talent Search Program.

Saundra Carter, Director – TRIO Programs

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Ed. Talent Search