Congressional Internship Program (CIP)

Political Science Program
Coordinator- Jerome Hunt, Ph.D., 202-274.7224/ Bldg. 41-400-06

The Congressional Internship Program (CIP) provides eligible students at the University of the District of Columbia the opportunity to acquire real world experiences working in an Office of a member of the U.S.  Congress while earning academic credit.  It is an invaluable opportunity to acquire hands-on experience at the level of the federal government while enhancing one’s research, analytical, and communication skills. Interns expand their knowledge of the responsibilities of a congressional member and the legislative process of Congress while performing support functions as a congressional staffer.  Successfully completing the CIP provides the additional benefits of establishing professional networks and leveraging this newly acquired experience in the public sector.

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in participating in a one (1)-semester internship must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Earned 60 academic credits toward a bachelor ‘s degree in any program by the first day of the semester for application;
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 ;
  • Successfully completed “The Legislative Process” (POLI-307);
  • Commit to 15-weeks, 20-hours per week internship; and
  • Enroll in Congressional Internship (POLI-495) for the desired academic semester.
    During the internship, students are expected to represent the University and Political Science program with distinction, comply with all work requirements, assigned duties, and professional standards as an employee of the Congressional office to which the intern is assigned.

How to Apply for the CIP

Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria may submit application materials by e-mailing electronic copies to Dr. Jerome Hunt at .  Students who wish to submit a paper copy may deliver it to Dr. Hunt’s mailbox located in building 41, suite 413.   The following documents are required for application consideration:

  • Completed application;
  • Updated Resume;
  • University of the District of Columbia Transcript (unofficial is acceptable);
  • Writing sample of research work that demonstrates research, writing and analytical skills;
  • A 500 word- essay explaining how you plan to balance the demands of academic courses and any other responsibilities such as work or familial obligations in order to participate in CIP.
  • Due dates: Applications for a fall semester assignment are due the first (1st) Friday in May and for the spring semester, applications are due the second  (2nd) Friday in November.

There are a limited number of openings available for the CIP and applications are accepted on a first submitted basis.  Once a student meets program requirements, an internship assignment is identified.  The prospective congressional office interviews all students and their assignment is contingent upon approval and acceptance by the congressional office staff.  Every effort will be made by CIP to assist students in obtaining placement.

Political Science Program


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