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In Memoriam of Dr. Angela Bullock, UDC faculty member

In Memoriam of Dr. Angela Bullock, UDC faculty memberIt is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Angela Bullock on April 12, 2023. Dr. Bullock was an associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at UDC, where she also served as the program director for the Social Work program.

Dr. Bullock’s dedication to helping women and marginalized communities was evident throughout her career. She passionately advocated for women with substance use disorders and low-income families in need of affordable housing services. Prior to joining UDC, she conducted research on teaching effectiveness in higher education and community-based partnerships at Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University. She held a faculty appointment at Prairie View University.

Dr. Bullock joined UDC in 2014 as an assistant professor of social work and quickly established herself as a leader on our campus in social work education and technology-based teaching and learning. She was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2019. She focused her research on technology acceptance in social work education and practice, contributing significantly to the field. Dr. Bullock successfully led the program through the re-affirmation process, resulting in the full eight-year renewal. She also initiated the MSW program proposal, which was approved by CSWE. Dr. Bullock served as the co-principal investigator for the One Million DC Department of Behavioral Health grant, leading to the creation of a substance use disorder certificate (currently pending). We are grateful for her work in strengthening the UDC Social Work program and building lasting community partnerships to further the work of this program.

To honor Dr. Bullock’s legacy and continue her work, the Dr. Angela N. Bullock Foundation has been established as a non-profit organization committed to promoting social justice, equality and education opportunities for single mothers and young mothers who choose to enter the profession of social work.

About | Dr. Angela N. Bullock Foundation (drangelanbullockfoundation.com)

We extend our deepest sympathies to Dr. Bullock’s family, friends, colleagues, and students during this difficult time. Additional details on her service and information on how to contribute to her memorial fund can be found in Dr. Bullock’s obituary.

Obituary | Dr. Angela Nicole Bullock of Houston, Texas | ROSS MORTUARY, INC (rossmortuaryinc.com)

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