UDC Faculty – Dr. Janet Burton

Dr. Janet Burton

Dr. Janet Burton

Dear Colleagues,

I am saddened to announce the passing of our beloved colleague, Dr. Janet Burton.  Dr. Burton served our Social Work program as a director and professor for more than four decades.  She led with dignity, integrity, grit, and commitment. Her vision for the current program, and the forthcoming MSW program, created exemplars in teaching, leadership, scholarship, and service that inspire us all.  Dr. Burton pushed us to see the possibilities of building our major programs to serve our students and to reach out to support our communities, as well.  I join with the Social Work faculty in expressing sincerest condolences to Dr. Burton’s family.

I will be working with Dr. Angela Bullock and Professor Michelle Levere to establish a scholarship fund in Dr. Burton’s name.


Dean Massey

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on behalf of the UDC Family

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