President Mason Messge: Communique 1 – Fall 2020 Term

President Mason Messge: Communique 1 – Fall 2020 Term

Message from President Mason

Fall 2020 Term


Subject: Online Continuation | Campus Access

This is the first in a series of communiques concerning the Fall ’20 academic term.

  • The Fall semester will begin two weeks later than initially scheduled.  Faculty are expected to return virtually on August 16 (per the 8th Master Agreement). Classes will begin on September 8 (the Office of the CAO will share a final schedule in the coming weeks).  We are planning professional development workshops and training sessions that will be available August 24-September 2.
  • All work and instruction (where appropriate) will be online.  All full-time faculty must be certified to teach online. CAL has scheduled training sessions throughout July.  Adjunct faculty who are certified to teach online will be given priority in hiring.
  • Faculty and Staff requiring technical assistance, equipment, or upgrades, or who have connectivity challenges should advise their Deans by August 1.  Students with similar challenges should call the Student Hot Line.

The University will take the necessary steps, precautions, and modifications to operate the University campuses in a manner consistent with protecting the public health and safety of the entire UDC Community by reducing risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore work, learning, and research will be limited to specific campus facilities.

  • We are not returning to our “normal” prior to the pandemic for the foreseeable future.  All campus sites will not be accessible without explicit permission of the respective Cabinet-level administrator. All requests must be received from the supervisor 48 hours in advance of the access date requested.
  • If access is granted, entry will be allowed through designated points of entry.
  • Entry to campus will not be permitted if a person is symptomatic or has had close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.  Anyone planning to travel to campus will be required to complete that day a self-assessment screening questionnaire using a web or app-based tool through myUDC.  An electronic confirmation will be provided upon completion. A future communique will provide additional details.
  • When on campus, the use of face coverings or masks will be required except when in a vehicle or in a closed individual office. Coverings must completely cover the mouth and nose. The university will provide disposable masks at entry points if needed.  A future communique will provide additional details.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be installed at points of entry and at the elevator waiting areas. Additional stations will be placed in office and work locations throughout buildings at an average density of approximately one station per 30 employees.
  • Barriers or partitions will be installed and clearly marked to separate entry and exit traffic. Different doors will be used for entry and exit. Tape and signage will be used to establish walking lanes, one-way travel in and between buildings, and single direction paths from the parking garage to points of entry. On each floor of every accessible building, tape, arrows, and signage will be placed on floors and walls to identify a single counterclockwise direction of travel.
  • Elevator occupancy will be regulated. Floors of elevators will be marked to indicate where people should stand.
  • All spaces will be scheduled for cleaning between each use.

Anyone identified as having a fever or displaying viral symptoms will be required to leave campus.  A future communique will provide additional details.

To ensure everyone has access to the same COVID-19 related information, a formal online training regarding COVID-19 will be provided to all faculty, staff, and students.  The training will offer the following minimum content: A) A general overview of COVID-19 including infection prevention and control measures (hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, physical distancing, cleaning, and disinfection), signs and symptoms, testing resources, and transmission; and, B) UDC policies and practices regarding infection prevention and control, campus health and safety resources, use of PPE including masks/face coverings, and actions to take if symptoms develop.

Thank you for your understanding and support during these strange and challenging times.  Steady the course Team UDC!