Dr. Tony D. Johnson Appointed  Dean, Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning at UDC’s Community College

Dr. Tony D. Johnson Appointed Dean, Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning at UDC’s Community College


Washington, DC – The University of The District of Columbia (UDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tony D. Johnson as the Dean of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning at UDC’s Community College.

Dr. Johnson is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of workforce development programs, budgeting and finance, public relations and coalition-building for five community campuses.  The programs are designed to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the District by providing job training for careers in new industries.

 Dr. Johnson has worked in a broad range of leadership positions for more than 17 years including Director, Associate Director, Senior Director of Programs and Training, Associate Dean, Senior Education Consultant, Executive Director and Chief of School Supports, Field Experience Coordinator, Turnaround High School Principal, Pre-Service Teacher Education Coordinator, Principal and Executive Director of Community-Based Programs, Alternative Education Teacher, and High School Intervention Teacher among other roles.

 “We are excited to have someone of Dr. Johnson’s caliber lead our Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning programs,” said UDC President Ronald Mason. “We know that our programs will be enhanced by the expertise and skills that Dr. Johnson brings as the University strengthens the intellectual and vocational pipeline available to help DC residents reach their fullest potential.”

 Dr. Johnson has had a variety of classroom-based and educational leadership experiences.  He has taught in the Colleges of Education and School of Arts & Sciences at Florida State University, Florida A&M University, Barry University, and George Washington University.  In addition, he has successfully administered programs in Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. His primary areas of interest include school-turnaround, African-American male achievement, and urban school capacity.

“I am excited to join the University of the District of Columbia family.” said Dr. Johnson. “There is a substantive amount of exciting and important work ahead as we prepare our D.C. residents for careers that are in high demand. Equipping residents with the knowledge and skills to secure and sustain employment is central to our mission in the Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning. I am encouraged that I will be able to support residents as they climb the various ladders of opportunity.”

 Dr. Johnson holds dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice, a Master of Science degree in Public Administration/Public Policy and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Evaluation.