Racism on the Table

Racism on the Table

Racism on the Table

The issue of race in America has been getting a lot of attention lately. That is a good thing. From athletes kneeling during the National Anthem to Black Lives Matter protests against the killing of unarmed Black men, people are trying to understand what’s happening and why. A local influential organization, The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (WRAG), has been engaged in a series of workshops with the leaders of local foundations to raise awareness of the components and complexities of institutional racism. The Series is called “Putting Racism on the Table.” You can check it all out at www.puttingracismonthetable.org.

WRAG’s latest effort is both entertaining and enlightening. It is a 5-minute video in the style of Masterpiece Theater, satirically called Structural Racism Theater. It is about how institutional racism in America was born. Look and learn at

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