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“Unfinished Business: Thoughts on the Nation’s Future”

Last October, one of my students – a young Black man – held open a door for an overburdened woman with a baby carriage so that she might more easily enter the ATM lobby of a bank. This thoughtful gesture was met with someone calling 9-1-1, saying that my student and his friend “looked suspicious.” Responding to the call and without asking questions, police wrangled an innocent young man to the ground and detained him.

Similarly, storeowners in trendy Georgetown guard against their “dis-ease “of what they deem as suspicious- looking shoppers with a downloaded app to track and share information about potential threats. It’s somehow more than just coincidence that seventy percent of the people they thought might steal something are Black. Continue Reading “Unfinished Business: Thoughts on the Nation’s Future”

By Ronald Mason |