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The Music Program provides specialized professional training to prepare students as performers, teachers and as creative individuals in the field of music. The program offers a diverse curriculum, general courses for cultural enrichment and a variety of performing opportunities in an environment that allows for personal attention.  The program offerings are designed to serve the educational and artistic needs of the community and provide a vital resource that enriches the cultural life of the University and Washington, DC metropolitan area. Two degrees are offered: Bachelor of Music and Associate in Arts in Music.

The Bachelor of Music degree is currently offered in two options: Music Performance and Music Education. The Bachelor of Music–Music Performance degree offers five areas of concentration: Gospel Music, Jazz Studies, Keyboard, Instrumental Music Studies, and Voice. This four-year degree program prepares students for performing careers and for graduate study leading to post secondary academic music positions.

The Bachelor of Music–Music Education degree offers three areas of concentration: vocal, keyboard, and instrumental music education. Students who complete the five-year program requirements are eligible for either vocal (choral) or instrumental music teacher certification.  The Music Education Program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and is in compliance with the music education standards set by the District of Columbia Public Schools – Teacher Certification Branch. This degree option is no longer accepting majors. A revised four-year bachelor's degree in music education (pre-certification) is under review and is designed for students intending to complete the additional requirements for P-12 teacher certification or in anticipation of enrollment in the Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT).

The University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) offers the two-year Associate in Arts in Music degree in three areas of concentration: instrumental studies, keyboard and voice. The program prepares students for acceptance into the Bachelor of Music degree program options and concentrations at the University and provides the basic preparation for a career in music.

Admission Statement
To be admitted to any of the degree programs, students must apply to the Music Program, audition in their performance area(s), and pass the Music program's placement examinations.

Bachelor of Music

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 125

Music Performance: 125
Music Education: 144-153

Core Courses for All Four-year Options in Music:

Core Courses for All Four-year Options in Music:
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSCPerforming Ensemble Courses *8
MUSC 100 - 101Materials of Music I, II6
MUSC - 102- 103Ear Training and Sight Singing I, II4
MUSC - 106History of Afro-American Music3
MUSC - 200 -201Materials of Music III, IV6
MUSC - 202 - 203Ear Training and Sight Singing III, IV4
MUSC - 270Computer Applications to Music I3
MUSC - 410Directed Studies (BM Seminar)2

* Specific Performing Ensemble Courses are required in certain programs.

Applied Major: 16

(Except for the concentration in Theory and Composition.)

Select one of the following three sequences:
Applied Major Keyboard: MUSC 115, 215, 315, 415
Applied Major Voice: MUSC 125, 225, 325, 425
Applied Major Instrument: MUSC 135, 235, 335, 435

Applied Minor: 4

If Applied Major Voice or Applied Major Instrument is selected: MUSC 116, 216
If Applied Major Keyboard is selected, select one of the following four credit hour sequences:
Applied Minor Keyboard:
MUSC 116, 216
Applied Minor Voice: MUSC 126, 226
Applied Minor Instrument: MUSC 136, 236

Option I: Four-year program in Music
Concentration 1 in Music: Gospel Music
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSC - 181Gospel Music Improvisation I2
MUSC - 281Gospel Music Improvisation II2
MUSC - 290 - 291Keyboard Harmony I, II2
MUSC - 372Choral Conducting3
MUSC - 381Gospel Music Improvisation III2
MUSC - 382-383Gospel Arranging I, II4
MUSC - 384-385History and Aesthetics of Gospel Music I, II4
MUSC - 386Principles of Gospel Music Pedagogy2
MUSC - 481Gospel Music Improvisation IV2
MUSCMusic Electives6
Concentration 1 in Music: Jazz
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSC - 107Jazz History3
MUSC - 130Jazz Improvisation I2
MUSC - 230Jazz Improvisation II2
MUSC - 271Computer Applications to Music3
MUSC - 330Jazz Improvisation III2
MUSC - 331, 332Jazz Arranging I, II4
MUSC - 374Instrumental Conducting3
MUSC - 430Jazz Improvisation IV2
MUSC - 431Jazz Compositional Techniques and Advanced Arranging2
MUSCMusic Electives6
Concentration 3 in Music: Keyboard
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSC - 119Piano Sight-reading1
MUSC - 290, 291Keyboard Harmony I, II2
MUSC - 300, 301History of Western Music I, II6
MUSC - 318Ensemble Accompanying2

Select the appropriate course from:

Course NumberCourse NameCourse Name
MUSC - 307Vocal Arranging2
MUSC - 392Orchestration I2
For instruction in Conducting, select the appropriate course:
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSC - 372Choral Conducting or3
MUSC - 374Instrumental Conducting 
MUSC - 391Form and Analysis I, II2
MUSC - 397Counterpoint II2
MUSC - 418Piano Literature2
MUSC - 419Piano Pedagogy2
MUSCMusic Electives6

Concentration 4 in Music: Instrumental Studies

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSCChamber Ensemble2
MUSC - 300, 301History of Western Music I, II6
MUSC - 374Instrumental Conducting3
MUSC - 391Form and Analysis I, II2
MUSC - 397Counterpoint II2
MUSC - 406Symphonic Literature2
MUSC - 438Applied Literature2
MUSC - 450, 451String Pedagogy I, II (String Majors Only)4
MUSCMusic Electives (String Majors)4
 Music Electives (Non-String Majors)8
Concentration 5 in Voice
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MUSC - 260German Vocal Literature2
MUSC - 300, 301History of Western Music I, II6
MUSC - 307Vocal Arranging2
MUSC - 360French Vocal Literature2
MUSC - 361Opera Workshop2
MUSC - 372Choral Conducting3
MUSC - 391Form and Analysis II2
MUSC - 460, 461Vocal Peadgogy I, II2
MUSCMusic Electives2
FREN - 114French Diction for Voice Major I2
GERM - 114German Diction for Voice Major I2
ITAL - 114Italian Diction for Voice Major I2

Comments for Majors:
A grade point average of 2.0 is required for all music courses and 3.0 for all applied major courses. A recital in the junior and senior year is required. The student must complete the appropriate 400-level applied major course each fall and spring semester until the senior recital is performed and accepted.

Option II: Music Education (Pre-Certification)