Division of Arts and Humanities Program Faculty

Rukman Niyangoda Assistant Professor rniyangoda@udc.edu Graphics, Web Design, Animation and Motion Graphics
Daniel Venne Professor dvenne@udc.edu Art, Drawing, Painting, Art History
Bagus P. Himawan Assistant Professor ibagus@udc.edu Photography, Film, and Media Arts
Davide Prete Assistant Professor davide.prete@udc.edu Art, Sculpture, Digital Fabrication, Additive Manufacturing, VR, AR
Digital Media
Whitney Harris Assistant Professor Whitney.Harris1@udc.edu  Social Media, Digital Media, Broadcast, Film, Reporting, Journalism
Olive Vassell Associate Professor ovassell@udc.edu Black Britain
William A. Hanff Jr. Assistant Professor whanff@udc.edu Media Hoaxes (e.g. “fake news”), Archetypes in Narratives, Digital Filmmaking/Pop Documentary, Online/Hybrid Pedagogy,
Zoë Davidson Assistant Professor of Digital Media zoe.davidson@udc.edu
Helene Krauthamer Professor hkrauthamer@udc.edu Linguistics
Ada Vilageliu Diaz Assistant Professor ada.vilageliudiaz1@udc.edu Composition, Community Writing, Caribbean Literature, US Afro-Latinx Literature, Contemporary American Literature
Alexander Howe Professor ahowe@udc.edu American Literature and Film; Detective Genre Fiction; Literary Theory and Psychoanalysis
Aparajita De Associate Professor Aparajita.de@udc.edu Postcolonial Literatures, South Asian Diaspora Literatures, Cultural Theory, Critical Race Studies, Globalization Theory
Wynn Yarbrough Professor wyarbrough@udc.edu Children’s Literature; Creative Writing; British Literature; Technical and Service Learning Writing
Craig Wynne Associate Professor craig.wynne@udc.edu Composition Pedagogy, Writing and Psychology, Singles Studies, Popular Culture, Critical Discourse Analysis
Cherie Turpin Associate Professor cturpin@udc.edu African American Literature, American Literature, Critical Race Studies, Black Feminisms, Diasporic Literatures
Leah Claiborne Assistant Professor leah.claiborne@udc.edu Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, African American Music
Johnny H. Butler III Visiting Assistant Professor jhbutler@udc.edu Vocal Pedagogy and Performance, Choral Music, French Diction and Literature, African American Classical Literature
Leroy Barton, Jr. Associate Professor lbarton@udc.edu Music Education, Professional Performance (Woodwinds), Gifted and Talented High School Programs, and Conductor
Thomas Licata Assistant Professor thomas.licata@udc.edu Music Composition, Music Theory, Electronic Music
Judith A. Korey Professor jkorey@udc.edu Music Theory, Piano, Jazz Studies, Jazz Archives
Allyn Johnson Associate Professor ajohnson@udc.edu Jazz Studies
Nelda Ormond Professor normond@udc.edu Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, Vocal Diction, Vocal Literature (African-American and Classical), Music Education

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Art: Studio Art, Graphic Design, Photography
Digital Media

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