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College Administration
Dean April Massey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lena Walton, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Students - James Maiden, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Development, Outreach, Partnerships and Communication - Ms. Kemmell Watson
Office Manager - Ms. Wilma Thompson
Staff Assistant - Mr. Terry D. Best


The Department of Chemistry and Physics provides education and training in the physical sciences of chemistry and physics, both for students majoring in these disciplines and for those majoring in other science and nonscience areas. Its course offerings include, as well, those needed for many interdisciplinary fields (e.g., biophysics, biochemistry, premedicine, chemical physics). The courses in the Department are designed to prepare students to reason about physical events and to develop technical skills. Students learn to solve problems, perform experiments, collect and analyze data, and report findings. The programs prepare students for advanced study, and for scientific careers in government, industry, and educational institutions.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry has two options:
the Chemistry option and the Chemistry with American Chemical Society (ACS) Certification option. The ACS Certified Chemistry option meets the guidelines of the ACS Committeeon Professional Training. Many chemistry majors are admitted to medical, dental, and other professional schools. Graduates of the Chemistry Program go on to earn the Master’s and Ph.D. degrees or to seek employment immediately after graduation. In either case, chemistry graduates have been very successful in their careers with the federal government, private industry, and in education. All faculty members hold the Ph.D. degree and are committed to teaching and research and to providing students both a challenging environment for learning and opportunities for growth and development. The Chemistry Program offers excellent research opportunities for undergraduate majors.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120 (Options 1 and 2)

Course NumberCourse Name 
1507 - 111General Chemistry I3
1507 - 112Genearl Chemistry II3
1507 - 113General Chemistry I Lab1
1507 - 114General Chemistry II Lab1
1507 - 225Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry2
1507 - 231Organic Chemistry I3
1507 - 233Experimental Organic Chemistry I Lab2
1507 - 232Organic Chemistry II3
1507 - 234Experimental Organic Chemistry II2
1507 - 245Quantitative Analysis3
1507 - 247Quantitative Analysis Lab2
1507 - 351Physical Chemistry I3
1507 - 352Physical Chemistry II3
1507 - 353Physical Chemistry I Lab2
1507 - 354Physical Chemistry II Lab2
1507 - 355Physical Chemistry Calculations I1
1507 - 356Physical Chemistry Calculations II1
1507 - 445Instrumental Methods of Analysis3
1507 - 447Instrumental Analysis Lab2
3528 - 104Introduction to Computers with Applications2
3528 - 105Introduction to Computers w/ Applications Lab1
1535 - 151Calculus Lecture I3
1535 -155Calculus I Lab1
1535 - 152Calculus Lecture II3
1535 - 156Calculus II Lab1
1535 - 253Calculus III3
1535 - 255Calculus III Lab1
1539 - 201University Physics I3
1539 - 202University Physics II3
1539 - 205University Physics Lab I1
1539 - 206Univeristy Physics II Lab II1
1401 - 101Biological Science I3
1401 - 102Biological Science II3
1401 - 103Biological Science I Lab1
1401 - 104Biological Science II Lab1

Additional Required Courses:

Option 1: Chemistry
General Electives: 17

Option 2: Chemistry
(with American Chemical Society Certification)

Course NumberCourse Name 
1507 - 411Senior Research I2
1507 - 412Senior Research II2
1507 - 425Inorganic Chemistry3
1507 - 426Inorganic Chemistry Lab2
1507 - 461Biochemistry I3
1507 - 463Experimental Biochemistry I2
1507Chemistry Electives (approved by Department)3

Additional Comments or Requirements
A grade point average of 2.00 is required in major courses. A minimum grade of “C” is required in chemistry courses.

Students who successfully complete Option 2 will receive a certificate from the American Chemical Society Physics