Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Chemistry

The bachelor’s degree program in chemistry provides students with a challenging and supportive learning environment, giving them the opportunity to engage in research from the moment they arrive on campus. The chemistry program has earned American Chemical Society (ACS) approval for its curriculum and hands-on research experiences provided to students. By choosing this degree program, students will have exceptional opportunities in the classroom and in the laboratory. Chemistry students at the are also fully engaged in the research life of the university. Through the STEM Center for Research and Development and other research initiatives offered by UDC, students have ample opportunities to gain research experience as undergraduates. Our program teaches students to solve problems, perform experiments, collect and analyze data, and report findings in a way that will prepare them for graduate study and thriving careers in a number of growing research, technical, and applied science fields.

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Curriculum and Requirements in the UDC Chemistry Program

The bachelor’s degree program in chemistry requires 121 total credit hours through a comprehensive plan of study.  This program serves a strong foundation for graduate and professional schools, and prepares students for careers in medicine, research, pharmacy and many other industries.

  • Chemistry
    • This option provides students with a solid grounding in fundamental while allowing them to pursue interests and courses in other sciences.
  • Chemistry with American Chemical Society (ACS) certification option
    • This option meets the guidelines of the ACS Committee on Professional Training, and includes more chemistry courses and additional research, serving as a strong foundation for graduate study or a research career in chemistry.

Student Organizations and Activities in the UDC Chemistry Program

Students in the chemistry program have the opportunity to participate in a number of research-based activities, including:

  • The  STEM Center for Research and Development, which is a valuable resource for chemistry students and other students in STEM disciplines. The center offers courses, research, and enrichment activities designed to strengthen students’ academic skills and engagement, as well as increase graduation rates.
  • Research with department faculty, including two required required senior research courses.

Students may also join the Chemistry Club and student chapter of the National Institute of Science for networking and social opportunities.

Faculty Spotlight


Isadora J. Posey, Ph.D. holds the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University and the B.S. degree in Chemistry from Southern University and A&M College. Her recent research interests include the areas of host/guest chemistry and molecular modeling.

Career Pathways and Prospects

With a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from UDC, students are ready to enter a graduate program or the professional world. Graduates of the chemistry program go on to successful careers in the federal government, private industry, and education. In addition to a stellar curriculum, UDC provides assistance to graduates to help them find the job and career pathway that is right for them.

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