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Welcome from our Program Coordinator

Dr. Uche Udeochu - Program Coordinator

Dr. Uche Udeochu – Program Coordinator

Embarking on the study chemistry is an exciting journey that brings you many miles closer to understanding and impacting the world around you. Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because it is vital to the advancement of other fields of study. Here at UDC, our American Chemical Society (ACS) certified Bachelor of Science degree program curriculum prepares students for immediate transition to the workforce and/or seamless entry into graduate and professional schools. Our dynamic team of faculty is engaged in innovative, multidisciplinary research, and state-of-the-art teaching/learning.  Our student learning experience is grounded in the practice of science, and our students are engaged in the cutting-edge research experiences required for their long-term success.

Chemistry majors at the University of the District of Columbia are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities available in the program.  The bachelor’s degree program in Chemistry at UDC provides students with a challenging, but, supportive learning environment, giving them the opportunity to engage in research from the moment they arrive on campus and using the resources of the DC metropolitan area to supplement our on campus resources. The Chemistry program at UDC program has earned American Chemical Society (ACS) approval for its curriculum, including the hands-on research experiences provided to students. Chemistry students at UDC are also fully engaged in the research life of the university. Through the STEM Center for Research and Development and other research initiatives offered by UDC, students have ample opportunity to gain research experience as undergraduates from the bench through the dissemination of findings at local, national, and international meetings and through peer-reviewed publications. Our program facilitates students’ mastery of the fundamentals of forward reaching baccalaureate Chemistry education, contribution of new knowledge to the field/sub-fields of chemistry, and development of problem-solving skills in evidence driven, interdisciplinary ways.

Career Pathways and Prospects

With a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from UDC, students are ready to enter a graduate program or the professional world. UDC Chemistry graduates go on to successful careers in the federal government, private industry, medicine, and education. In addition to a stellar curriculum, UDC offers well resourced career development opportunities that provide students/graduates assistance with finding the career pathway that is right for them.

Contact info:

E: uche.udeochu@udc.edu | T: 202.274.5508