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Career & Professional Development Center
(Career Services)

Spring 2015 Career & College Fair to be held on March 26th 2015 (Students click here for more info & Employers click here for more info.)

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Career and Professional Development Center (Career Services)


The Career and Professional Development Center provides a comprehensive range of on-campus and online career services to students, alumni, and faculty/staff in addition to employers and community partners; this is achieved through excellent customer service, collaborative programming, and innovative technology.

Career Services

The career services we provide to students and alumni enhance occupational wellness and global workforce readiness. Specifically these career services include career counseling and assessments that inform career decisions and planning as well as career coaching and workshops that build skills in networking, searching, interviewing, securing, and retaining gainful employment.

The career services we provide to employers, community partners, and faculty/staff’s enhance partnerships and pipelines for employment opportunities. Specifically these career services include on/off campus recruitment events, career workshops, career programs, and online job/position announcements.

These career services are all coordinated and documented via the Career Services Online System CSO.

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