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Vision 2020: the University of the District of Columbia's Strategic Planning Process

Dr. James Lyons
Interim President
Contact: Building 39, Room 301A | phone 202.274.5100 | phone 202.274.5304
Angela Scott, Executive Assistant to the President,

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Click here to download a summary of the Vision 2020 Plan.

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Vision 2020 Retreat - Day 1, Morning Session

- Dr. James E. Lyons, Interim President

- The Honorable Phil Mendelson, Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia

- The Honorable Abigail Smith, Deputy Mayor for Education, Executive Office of the Mayor

- Dr. John Cavanaugh, President and CEO, Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Washington Area. Click here to download presentation slides

- Mr. Scott Lurding, Principal, Altus Advisory Partners. Click here to download presentation slides"

Vision 2020 Retreat - Day 1, Luncheon Session

- Ms. Dominique Raymond, Vice President, Complete College America Click here to download slides

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  1. The Preliminary Report was the first formal draft of the Vision 2020 Plan that was assembled for review by the Board of Trustees.  Read the Vision 2020 Preliminary Report to the Board of Trustees here.
  2. The UDC Foundation, Inc., on behalf of the Vision 2020 planning process, engaged a professional pollster to conduct a random sample telephone survey of District of Columbia households to gain insight into the University's role and perception in the community. Read the Survey of Attitudes and Opinions about the University of the District of Columbia here.
  3. Our internal University community, including students, alumni, faculty members and staff members, was surveyed by ISTJ Consulting to learn more about their opinion of the University and where the University should be heading.  Read the Internal Stakeholder Survey here.
  4. An important goal of the Vision 2020 Plan is to better align University offerings with the jobs of today and tomorrow, as discussed in a business sector engagement report prepared by Altus Advisory Partners.  Read the Growth Industries Employment Opportunities Study here.
  5. The Vision 2020 planning process continues to be informed directly by the economic development needs of the District of Columbia.  Read the Five-Year Economic Development Strategy for the District of Columbia here.

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