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Student Responsibilities

  1. Always be on time for tutoring appointments. (Due to limited waiting space, plan to arrive no more than 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment.) If you are unable to keep your appointment and need to reschedule, call 202-274-7195. You can also reschedule/cancel from the reminder email sent to you. If you do not show for a scheduled appointment within the first 15 minutes, without contacting CACE lab, you will be considered a no show.
  2. You must cancel by 5 p.m. on the day prior to your appointment or you will be considered a no show. If you are a no show for three appointments for the same course in a term, the CACE Lab will not make any further appointments for you with a peer tutor for the remainder of that term. You will only be able to utilize walk in hours. Please note, that when you are a no-show, this is time taken away from another student who could benefit from our services.
  3. The Center for Academic and Career Excellence lab, like your classroom, is not a place for children or visitors. Please make arrangements for appropriate supervision of children outside the CACE lab during your appointment.

Get the most from your tutoring sessions. Students should be prepared for a tutorial appointment.

  • Please note that tutors do not do homework assignments or help with take home tests.
  • Come to the appointment with a clear objective in mind.
  • Always bring textbooks, paper, and writing implements.
  • Bring syllabus or written requirements for assignments as well as any notes or other course materials (i.e. storage device, calculator, etc.) pertinent to the learning task.
  • Bring storage medium if work is in electronic format.
  • Bring a calculator or other tools related to the assignment.

What to bring to a session

Bring any materials that will help you and your tutor, such as your textbook, syllabus, notes, handouts, and current assignments.

Preparing for a session

Make a list of questions you have about the material or need clarification on after reading your textbook and reviewing your class notes. Highlight areas you want to review with your tutor.

If you are working on a writing assignment, bring all of your materials to work on with your tutor, such as the assignment, pre-writing notes, outlines, rough draft, etc.

You can leave a note for your tutor explaining what you would like to work on when making an appointment online.

During the session

Let your tutor know what your goal is for the session by determining what concepts you would like to cover. Also consider what material you would like to review and practice.

Ask for tips on how to study for the class and actively take part in the session. Once you have worked through material with the tutor, do a practice problem on your own and explain your understanding to the tutor.

Your tutor can help clarify parts of the lecture or text, assist in solving problems, and work with you to find the answers. Your tutor cannot help with take-home exams.

Cancelling an appointment

In order for other students to have the opportunity to fill the appointment slot, we expect you to cancel an appointment as soon as you know you will not be able to attend. Cancel an appointment by calling, emailing, or visiting the Center for Academic and Career Excellence.

To make one on one appointments, please click on the appointment link below:

CACE Appointment Form for Supplemental Instruction or Tutoring

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