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How Likely Are You to Return to UDC-CC in the Second Semester?

Past studies demonstrate that the first semester of college is the most challenging for many students. However, this challenge can be overcome with your effort, and the Freshman Retention Estimator below uses the evidence we found to show you how to improve your odds.

This tool estimates the probability of a student successfully completing their first semester and how likely they are to return to school in the second semester. Based on your demographic and academic characteristics, as well as what you will accomplish in your first semester, this tool was created using statistical techniques to analyze the behaviors and results of more 1,500 students over the last two years.

Using this tool, you can find your best chance for success as a result of what you will do in the first semester, regardless of the background you may have at the entry of college. The underlying message of this tool is crystal clear – your future is determined by your effort and commitment to success, not by your past. Faculty and staff at UDCCC are also committed to your success. Together, let’s achieve your dream.

Freshman Retention Estimator

Select your biological sex.


Select your age group.

Of the following remedial courses, how many are you required to take: Reading Improvement, English Fundamentals, Basic Mathematics, and Introduction to Algebra?

If you do not need to take any of the remedial courses, choose 0.

Is UDC-CC the first college you attended?

If you are a transfer student or have ever attended college other than UDC-CC before, choose No.

Are you taking 12 credit hours or more this semester?

Include only courses at UDC-CC.

Did you receive financial aid?

If you’ve received or will receive any type of financial aid (e.g. Pell Grant, Work-Study, Student Loan, etc.) in your first semester, choose Yes.

Did you pass First Year Seminar (with a C or above)?

The First Year Seminar is a unique transition course designed to facilitate students’ integration into the learning community of the community college. UDC-CC highly encourages all students to take this course in their first semester.

Did you pass at least one developmental course (with a C or above)?

If you did not take any developmental courses, choose No.

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