2020-57 – Henderson Naming Resolution
2020-56  – Approval of Fielding Lease Agreement
2020-55 – Student Center Kitchen – Columbia Enterprises
2020-54  – Athletic Field – Consys
2020-53 -Campus Master Plan
2020-52 – FY2022 Budget Resolution
2020-51 – Scott Krawczyk Tenure 
2020-50 – David Wolitz –  Tenure 
2020-49 – Mae Quinn – Tenure Resolution
2020-48 Resolution – FY21 Capital Budget Approval
2020-47 Resolution – FY21 Operating Budget Amendment 2
2020-46 Revisions to DCMR
2020-45 Resolution for Re-Appointment of D Jones as Acting Dean – CAUSES
2020-44 BOT Resolution, Bates. Evola Salary Adjustment 8.18.20
2020-43 BOT Resolution – Franklin D. Acting Chief Operating Officer Executive Appointment 8-18
2020-42 Resolution-Ratification Purchase of 4250
2020-41 NFR Resolution – Presidential Vacancy
2020-40 NFR-Consolidated Fees
2020-39 NFR-Resolution Student Health Insurance Fee
2020-38 4250 Connecticut Ave Funding Approval
2020-37 BOT Resolution – Acting VP Real Estate and Facilities Management
2020-36 Resolution- FY20 Budget Amendment #3 – Use of Pre-K enhancement Fund Balance R1
2020-35 Housing Resolution FY 21
2020-34 NPR-Miscellaneous Student Fees – Student Consolidated Fees
2020-33 NPR-Miscellaneous Student Fees – Student Health Fees
2020-32 Resolution – Presidential Vacancy
2020-31 Board Resolution – Retirement Executive Committee
2020-30 Resolution SEIU 2020 Contract
2020-29 Vanita Snow Tenure Resolution
2020-28 Hampton-Garland Tenure Resolution
2020-27 Michelle Chatman Tenure Resolution
2020-26 Resolution- Accelerated Bachelors-Masters Program in Mechanical Engineering
2020-25 Resolution – Accelerated Bachelors-Masters Program in Civil Engineering
2020-24 Resolution-Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
2020-23 Resolution- BS Nursing (RN to BSN) Online Program
2020-22 Resolution – Associate of Science in Natural Science
2020-21 NFR-Resolution Reserve-Premium Parking
2020-20 NFR- Resolution – Amendment – Meeting -Committee Chairman- Remote Presence
2020-19 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Amendment to Chapter 7 to Implement a UDC Student Transportation Fee (UPASS) for AY2020-2021
2020-18 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Amendment to DCMR, Title 8B, Chapter 1, Section 105: Meetings of the Board of Trustees
2020-17 Succession Plan for University of the District of Columbia Administration
2020-16 Approval of Proposed Contract No. GF-2020-B-0015 for the Replacement of the Roof on Buildings #32/42 by and between Consys, Inc. and the Board of Trustees of the University
2020-14 Approval of Reductions to the FY2021 Budget
2020-13 Notice of Final Rulemaking, Modification to the University Rules Regarding Non-Bargaining Unit Grievances, Chapter 16
2020-12 LV Approval of Purchase & Sale Agreement for 4250 CT Ave. NW Between BDC Van Ness LLC and the BOT UDC
2020-11 LV Appt of Dr. Scott Krawczyk as Associate Chief Academic Officer, Ofc of CAO, UDC
2020-10 LV Appt of Deborah Sullivan as VP, Talent Management UDC
2020-09 LV Approval of Executive Appointment of Avis M. Russell as General Counsel, UDC
2020-08 LV NPR Amendment to Chapter 6, Reserve Preminum Fee for Faculty Staff, Contractors with Univ. Issued ID & Inapplicability of Parking Rates provided by third party contractor
2020-07 Approval of Proposed Contract No. GF-2019-C-0046 Design Build Renovation of Van Ness Tennis Cts by KADCON Corp and BOT of UDC
2020-06 Approval of Proposed Contract No. GF-2019-C-0078 for the Replacement of the Roof on Building #38 and between City
Construction, LLC and the Board of Trustees the University of the District of Columbia (“Contract”)
2020-05 FY16-22 Compensation for Non-Union Continuing Full-Time Faculty (Excluding the David A. Clarke School of Law)
2020-04 Approval of the Eighth Master Agreement Between the University of the District of Columbia Faculty Association National Education Association
2020-03 LV Approval of the UPDATED Equity Imperative Strategic Plan
2020-02 LV Appointment of Professor Joseph B. Tulman as Professor Emeritus
2020-01 Appointment of Professor Laurie Morin as Professor Emeritus