UDC-CC 2020 Student Ideas Innovation Challenge

UDC-CC 2020 Student Ideas Innovation Challenge


The Challenge

Design an innovative insurance program or product that you and family members can easily understand, afford, and use. The goal is to make sure that if you start college, you can finish, even if you undergo financial hardship during your studies.


College is a great time of discovery and growth that helps set a pathway for your future. The University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) wants students to be successful!

With student debt at an all-time high, the continued increase in college tuition and added costs, and the various payment options, the economic challenge to complete college can be daunting. This challenge can be greater for non-traditional students and/or families who have little to no savings to rely on if an unexpected life event or challenges that occurs while attending college.


Considering the ever-increasing cost of higher education, the rapid pace of technological advancements, and the different ways that students pay for their education – your task is to:

  1. define the different types of college students (first-generation students, dependent students, independent students, non-traditional students);

  2. list the events or challenges that these student segments and their families might face in their lives that could affect finishing their education; and

  3. develop potential solutions that would protect students and their families while they are attending college


Point of Contacts:

Professor Albert Pearsall III
Assistant Professor of Business

Professor Scott King
Associate Professor
Director, Division of Business and Education

Benefits to Students

-Students can develop through an initiative that is grounded in learning, discovery, creativity and critical thought.

-Preparing students for success in a corporate environment.

-Provide internship opportunities for UDC students at Guardian.

-Provides exposure to executive leadership.

Benefits to UDC

-Through the challenge, UDC can provide students an opportunity to ideate and devise potential solutions for their communities and to stewarding the resources that sustain them.

-Ability to supplement their academic experiences with corporate experiences.

-Scholarship opportunities that can help students continue to achieve their scholarly goals.

Benefits to Guardian

Guardian has a strong commitment to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community at Guardian, within the financial services industry, and within broader society.

-Helps Guardian attract top diverse early career talent.

-Gain with innovative ideas to current Guardian challenges by leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences.

-Introduce Guardian and our history to new audiences.