Committee Reports

Annual Senate Report from the Chair

Summary of 2011-2012 Senate Activities

Executive Committee Exit Memos

FS Secretary exit memo

Senate letters

Letter to Provost Bain: Faculty Senate’s request for documents and reports related to University Program Reviews

Letter to Provost Bain Community College Student Election

Letter to Provost Bain Special Education Program

Letter to Provost re Gen Ed Courses 1.16.13

Memo to Provost Bain Request for Release Time for FS

Memo to Provost Bain Rev for Acc Programs

Letter to Provost Bain – Special Education Program

Bain, letter to FS 2.3.12

FS Letter to Bain 1.31.12

FS letter to the BOT, Committee on the proposed UDC CC Faculty Senate, 12.14.11

FS, Letter to the Board of Trustees, Committee on the CC, concerning a proposed CC Faculty Senate 10.31.11

IAS Letter to Pres. Sessoms concerning UDC-CC, May 19, 2011 and President Sessoms letter to Johnathan Guevarra June 9, 2011

UDC-CC Committee

UDC-CC Committee Report 10.7.22

UDC-CC Faculty Senate proposal, Charter

UDC-CC Faculty Senate proposal, Bylaws

Admissions and Retention Committee

Admissions Retention Committee 2-15-22

Admissions Retention Committee 1-18-22

Admissions Retention Committee 12-13-22

Admissions Retention Committee 4-8-2014

Admissions Retention Committee 2-11-2014

Task Force on Admission and Retention Minutes – May 3, 2013

Task Force on Admission and Retention Minutes – Mar 6, 2009

AA-RETENTION PLAN Academic Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on Admissions and Retention – Mar. 3, 2009

Academic Senate Adhoc Admission and Retention Report – Feb. 10, 2009

Task Force on Admission and Retention Minutes – Feb. 6, 2009

Task Force on Admission and Retention Minutes – Jan. 23, 2009

Bylaws and Charter Committee

Approved Motions 01-13-2015

Approved Faculty Senate Motion – 12.09.2014

Faculty Senate Charter 4-14-2014

Faculty Senate Bylaws 4-14-2014

By-laws Committee Report 1-14-14

By-laws Committee Report 3-11-14

ASPPC Motion

Dr. Petty’s response

Provost’s response

C and B Committee, change of chair’s appointment powers, 4.10.12

C and B Report, merger of small departments, 4.10.12

C and B Committee, proposal to eliminate adjunct position, 4.10.12

Charter and Bylaws Committee Report, 3.13.12

Charter and Bylaws Committee Report, 2.14.12

Charter and Bylaws Report 2.14.2012

Report of the Committee on Charter and Bylaws March 11, 2011

Report of the Committee on Charter and Bylaws January 11, 2011

Report of the Committee on Charter and Bylaws April 14, 2010

Report of the Committee on Charter and Bylaws January 25, 2010

Report of the Committee on Charter and Bylaws Sept. 3, 2009

Interim Academic Senate Charter and Bylaws Feb. 2009

UDC Senate Charter and Bylaws. 1995

UDC Senate Charter and Bylaws. 1980

Academic Standards, Policies, and Procedures Committee

ASPPC Meeting November 2nd and November 9th, 2022

ASPPC Meeting December 6 Report

ASPPC Committee Report 2-7-22

ASPPC – Committee Report 12-14-2021

Approved Faculty Senate Motions – ASPPC – 02.10.2015

Approved Faculty Senate Motion-ASPPC-01.13.2015

Approved Faculty Senate Motion-ASPPC-12.09.2014

Approved Motions 9-9-2014



ASPPC – Resolution – May 6, 2014

ASPPC – Resolution – April 11, 2014

ASPPC – Resolution – March 11, 2014

ASPPC – Resolution – February 11, 2014

ASPPC – Resolution – January 14, 2014

ASPPC-Resolutions- November 12, 2013

Preliminary Faculty Senate Response for University of the District of Columbia 2020 Academic Plan

ASPPC, Recommendations from the ASPPC

ASPPC, Garrett, Faye, Khatri, Program Recommendation, 5.8.12

ASPPC, Letter concerning Bio, Chem, and Physics ,5.8.12

ASPPC, Report on Homeland Security Science and Technology Concentration Proposal, 5.8.12

ASPPC, letter to FS concerning Education Programs, 5.8.12

ASPPC, new courses proposal, CAUSES, 4.10.12

ASPPC, New Programs, Program Changes, and Program Deletions, 4.10.12

ASPPC Report on New Programs, Program Changes, and Program Suspensions, Deletions

ASPPC Minors and Concentrations Requirements

New Programs, Program Changes, Program Deletion – Curriculum Proposal Guidelines

Course Proposal Guidelines Final

Online Course Proposal March, 2010

Approved Program Proposals

BS Computer Science Change

BS Information Technology Change

Transmittal of Proposal to Initiate a Master of Arts Program in Rehabilitation Counseling

General Education Reform

College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences Proposal

PSM Proposal approved by Faculty Senate

NCUE Proposal for Academic Senate Approval

Proposal 100505 – Faculty Senate Motion

Proposal MSEE Proposal Final

Proposal Master of Arts in ECE Final

Budget Committee

Budget Committee Meeting Minutes 5-6-22

Budget Committee Meeting Minutes 4-8-22

Budget Committee Motion – 02.10.2015

Budget Committee Resolution 5-6-14

Budget Committee Resolution 4-8-14

Budget Committee Resolution 3-11-2014

Budget Committee Approved Motion #1

Terminated Programs and Courses

ASPPC – New Programs & Program Deletions 4-10-12

ASPPC, Proposal to terminate BA-Spanish

ASPPC, Proposal to terminate BA-French

Airway Science Program Termination Proposal

Graduate Council

Graduate Council Meeting Agenda – March 15, 2022

Grad Council Proposal – GRE-GMAT requirement for Applicants with earned grad degrees

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership

Proposal for Reinstatement of MA in Adult Education

Proposal for a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Proposal for a New Graduate Program in Civil Engineering Master of Science Civil Engineering (MSCE)

Review of Existing Program – Proposal for an Accelerated Bachelor/Master Program in Computer Science

Proposal For an Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s in Engineering Programs

GC Charter with Proposed amendments 5.8.12

GC, MPA Transmission to FS 5.8.12

GC, MPA Revision Proposal, 5.8.12

GC, MPA Revision Appendices, 5.8.12

GC, MFA Proposal

GC, report clinical psychology

GC, Report Clinical Psychology MA, 10.12.11

Graduate Council Charter (Final)


Testimony of Dr. Webster at Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Jan 15, 2013

Other Documents

UDC-CC AS in Accounting Change Proposal – 5-18-20

UDC Process for Budget Decision Making by Academic Units

UDC Faculty Senate Bylaws Jan 2021

Revised Minutes

Program Checklist

New Programs and Program Revisions, 2021-2022

Memorandum to Dr. Potter 4-18-2022

Memo from Dr. Poter April 18, 2022

Curriculum Proposal Guidelines: Program Offerings

Faculty Senate Resolution on Cancelling Student Debt

Process for New and Revised Program Proposal Submissions to the Faculty Senate 3-20-22

ACCT-210C Course Syllabus

ACCT-206C Course Syllabus

Accounting Transmittal Form – FS Academic Program Approval – Change of name and classification of the Associate of Applied Science(AAS) in Computer Accounting Technology to the Associate of Science (AS) in Accounting. Two new courses in program – 4-1-21

2012-28 Ratification of Faculty Senate Charter Amendment – 6-13-12

2010-33 Ratification of Charter and Bylaws of Faculty Senate (Resolution Charter and Bylaws) 12-8-2010

ASPPC – New Programs & Program Deletions 4-10-12

OGC Statement to Faculty Senate

2013 Intellectual Property – Draft Policy

IP Statement Cover Letter

Preliminary Faculty Senate Response for University of the District of Columbia 2020 Academic Plan

Remarks from Christine Setlow, Representative from City Council Chairperson Phil Mendelsohn and from Chairperson Mendelsohn to the faculty senate, UDC

Strategic Planning Committee/Milestones and Deliverables 2013 Calendar

Memo to Dr. Valerie L. Epps – May 14, 2013

DC Five Yr Economic Development Strategy

Sustainable DC Final Plan

Sustainable DC Plan 2-19

One City Action Plan

Responses to the Questions for the Vice President of the Student Affairs Regarding the Election of the Student Trustee –  Submitted by the Admission and Retention Committee of the Faculty Senate

Response: Faculty Senate Motion Regarding the Election of the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

Research Committee

Research and Development Committee 2021-2022 Final Report

Research Committee Report 10-12-22

Ad Hoc Committee Proposal 3-11-22

April 7 – 14 – Research Committee Meeting

2022.2.18- Research Committee Meeting

Research Commitee Report 1.21.22

Research Committee Index Plan


Meeting Dates: Every 2nd Tuesday, 2 - 4 p.m.
Meeting Location: Virtual

Contact:  Arlene King-Berry


Arlene King-Berry - (CAS) Chair
Andrea Adams - (CAS) Vice Chair
Phronie Jackson - (CAUSES) Secretary