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GSGA Elections

You have the great opportunity of voting for your next Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) President for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.  Please review the candidates’ pictures and biographies below.  You will have the opportunity to vote for YOUR GSGA President Wednesday, October 14-Thursday, October 15, 2015.  Online voting begins at 6:00 AM and ends 7:00 PM on October 15th.  Campus Voting will take place on the Van Ness Campus, 10:00 AM-7:00 PM, Office of Student Life and Services, Building 38, Room A-10 during the entire voting period.  You may cast your vote at A friendly reminder will be sent to you.

Thank you,

Ms. Beckett, GSGA Election Chair

Meet the Candidates

GSGA President
Ms. Luisa Burjaili Ms. Besa Mulaye
Luisa Burjaili is a student in the MBA program and candidate for President of the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA). She has been a part of UDC Family since 2009 when she enrolled in the Marketing program. The candidate is an active student in the School of Business (SBPA) where she worked as a Graduate Assistant and continues to support the school when needed. As a graduate assistant, Luisa was involved in many activities such as Business Week, conferences, network sessions, SBPA events and, most importantly, she has been a voice for the students within SBPA. The candidate has a vast knowledge in the field of marketing and budgeting, as well as great familiarity of UDC’s functionality, staff, professors, and students-- great qualities for the GSGA President. This leadership position will make Luisa extend her support throughout the campus and achieve GSGA’s objectives.

Here is a glimpse of Luisa’s goals:

  • Enhance interaction among UDC graduate students
  • Facilitate professional network among the students and alumni
  • Increase recruitment opportunities for UDC graduate students
  • Suggest resolutions to obtain incentive for all GSGA leaders
  • Support graduate organizations and clubs
  • Strengthen collaboration with UDC administrators to meet the goals of the institution
 Why do I want to run for president? I want to run for GSGA President because I believe this presents a unique opportunity to be the change that I and my fellow students hope for. I want to be involved in student government and I want to have fun at the same time. I’m already having fun with the campaign and enjoying meeting the new people I’ve met so far. I am a Counseling major and have a heart for working with children. I’m focusing on school counseling right now and I love it! I'm also a member of the School Counseling Club on campus. Constantly interacting with children who are at a different cognitive levels has made me patient and easy to communicate with in all other areas. With the added complication of being an international student and coming from a different sociocultural background, I have learned to work hard to be understood and to understand different people from different backgrounds - which let's face it is a good chunk of the student body. I think being President will be a great way for me to facilitate sharing of resources as well as networking among grad students. I know there is a lot of useful information out there that grad students just do not have time to look for and make use of. I know grad students have a unique set of challenges - a lot of us are working professionals who are just trying to make it to campus for evening classes after a whole day of work! And some of us are not yet busy with work but busy all the same - grad school is hard work! But still, we all need to make the most of our campus experience - our graduate school experience! There are helpful resources out there and I will help you know what they are and how they can help you! So many decisions are made that affect us without our input - this is where I come in!

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Student Member of the Board of Trustees - Theodore Wilhite


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Vice President - Tsholofelo Motshwane

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Treasurer - Anjanette Shelby

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Miss Firebird - Nia Williams

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