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Community College Student Government Association (CCSGA)


We, the students of the University of the District of Columbia, in order to form an effective and efficient governing body to serve the collective interests of UDC-CC students, to enhance the quality of life of the student body, to help fellow students attain their goals and aspirations, to enrich the campus community, to promote cooperation and communication between the students, faculty, and the administration, to encourage unity among UDC-CC students by advancing the quality of academic and social life, and to provide a form of government for and by the students, do hereby establish and endorse this Charter for the students of the University of the District of Columbia.

Executive Council

President: Andrew Montano-Ventura  Andrew.montanoventur@udc.edu

Advisor: Oluwasola “Shola” IjoyahOluwasola.ijoyah@udc.edu
Faculty Advisor: Carolene Charles – carolene.charles@udc.edu

CCUSGA Executive Board 2020-2021


Upcoming Events

Social Media Info

Facebook @udccommunitycollege and @udc.cc.sga

Instagram @udc_communitycollege