Developing America’s Workforce Nucleus


Create a sustainable pipeline of domestic, diverse, business-ready STEM and entrepreneurship-ready talent, at all levels of the workforce, to propel America’s economic engine into the future.


The DAWN Initiative intends to

“transform public education so that public education represents a sustainable source of opportunity for all students and creates a source of business-ready talent from the economically-disadvantaged (all ethnic and racial backgrounds), brown and black student populations“. 

DAWN seeks solutions to the nation’s talent shortage by creating talent identification and refinement systems that will cultivate and increase STEM-based talent from underrepresented populations. Starting with a pilot in Washington DC’s Ward 8 community, our vision for DAWN is creating a new model for education that can be deployed across the country.


Schools with large populations of black, brown, and economically disadvantaged students are recognized pipelines of diverse scientists, climate change policy analysts, civil and construction engineers. environmental justice advocates, as well as green infrastructure specialists and technicians in a wide variety of fields.