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$7.3 Million in NIH funding to advance Biomedical Research Infrastructure awarded to UDC

In September 2020, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had awarded UDC approximately $7.3 Million in funds via two large grants:

$5,352,000 for Creating a Specialized Technological center for Assistive Rehabilitation Research (STAR).

This is a facility and construction related grant that will lead to the expansion, renovation, and equipping of new multi-researcher laboratories focused on biomechanical and rehabilitation engineering-related research, a critical need. The project is led by Dr. Lara Thompson (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program) as the principal investigator.  Mr. Timothy Millner (Director of Capital Construction) is a key personnel.

The Center will be used to investigate aging populations and other impaired and unimpaired populations, such as veterans, amputees, stroke survivors, and Parkinson’s patients. The main aims are: 1) to create and renovate the new and existing core facilities focused on a) Gait & Balance; b) Assistive Robotics for Rehabilitation; c) Biomechanics; d) Virtual Reality Rehabilitation and to 2) to supply fixed equipment to these new laboratories.

This project builds upon and is an expansion of the Center for Biomechanical and Rehabilitation Engineering (CBRE) laboratory that was initiated in Summer 2015 directed by Dr. Thompson.

Awardees: Wake Forest University, University of Vermont, University of Miami, Columbia University, University of Louisville, University of California Los Angeles, UDC.

$1,890,000 for NIA MSTEM: Advancing Diversity in Aging Research through Undergraduate Education at UDC.

The objectives of this project are to create and foster aging-related: 1) research experiences (tied to falls, imaging, and data analytics); 2) new and unique curricular experiences tied to freshman and senior design projects, practicum & seminars, and professional student club activities; and 3) professional development via mentorship, dissemination and outreach for the URM undergraduate students at UDC.  Dr. Lara Thompson (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program) is the project’s principal investigator.  Dr. Max Denis (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Program), Dr. Nian Zhang (Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. Ji Chen (Visiting Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering) are other personnel.

Click here for more information on the grant and on NIH NIA MSTEM student scholarships

Awardees: University of California Davis, New York University, University of California, San Diego, University of South Carolina at Columbia, West Virginia University, UDC.