Li Chen, PhD


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology; 202.274.6301

Li ChenEducation

  • Ph.D. University of Bedfordshire (Renamed from U of Luton, Luton, UK), 2001. Advisor: Dr. Osei Adjei. ( PhD Thesis: lambda-connectedness and  its application to image segmentation, recognition, and reconstruction.)

  • MS of Computer Science, Utah State University (Logan, USA), 1995. Advisor: Dr. Don Cooley (MS Thesis: Possibility functions based fuzzy neural networks and their applications to image processing)

  • BS of Computer Science, Wuhan University (Wuhan, China), 1982. Advisor: Li Qrong-Zhang (BS Dissertation: Matrix representations of some combinatorial problems and their applications.)

Current Research Focus

  • Discrete Geometry and Digital Geometry
  • Data Science: Theory and Applications
  • Applied Algorithm Design


  • Advanced Algorithm Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Special Topics: Advanced Algorithms in Data Science
  • Computational Geometry
  • Senior Projects
  • Senior Seminar

Selected Publications


  • L. Chen, Discrete Surfaces and Manifolds, June 2004.

Research Papers:

  • C. E. Concolato, L. Chen, Data Science: A New Paradigm in the Age of Big-Data Science and Analytics, New Mathematics and Natural Computation Vol. 13, No. 02, pp. 119-143 (2017).
  • L. Chen, A Digital-Discrete Method For Smooth-Continuous Data Reconstruction Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, Vol 96, No 2, 2010,  pp 47-65. (ISSN 0043-0439).
  • L. Chen, and Y. Rong, Digital topological method for computing genus and the Betti numbers, Topology and its Applications, Volume 157, Issue 12,  2010, Pages 1931-1936 .
  • L. Chen, and B. Fu, Linear and sublinear time algorithms for the basis of Abelian groups,  Theoretical Computer Science, 2010.
  • C-T Lu, Y. Kou, J. Zhao, and L. Chen, Detecting and Tracking Region Outliers in Meteorological Data, Information Sciences, Vol 177, pp1609-1632, 2007. (Chen was the communication author.)
  • G. Agnarsson and Chen, On the extension of vertex maps to graph homomorphisms, Discrete Mathematics, Vol 306, No 17,  pp 2021-2030,  Sept. 2006.

Dr. Chen was appointed as a Distinguished ACM Speaker in Oct. 2015 for three years.