Hailemichael Seyoum

Professor of Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics
hseyoum@udc.edu; Tel: 202.274.5868

Research Interests: Conduct research in magnetism and magnetic materials, superconductivity, analyze and model magnetic hysteresis data, and atomic and molecular spectroscopy. I have been collaborating with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at Gaithersburg, Md. I have involved several students in my research during my tenure here.

Career in Brief:

Ph.D in Physics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Oh (1982). Lecturer, University of Nigeria at Nsukka, Nsukka, Nigeria, 1982-86; Adjunct Professor, University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC 1988-2000; Associate Professor, West Virginia State University, Institute, WV 2000-2006; Professor, UDC 2006-present.

Land Grant Research area