Dr. Harkewals Sekhon

Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences
hsekhon@udc.edu; Tel: 202.274.5938

Research Interests: Under Stem Center research grant, I train science and non science students to conduct research. Students do research and keep journal of each week’s work and at the end of semester write a scientific paper and poster. Poster presented at workshop. This way we increase student’s interest in science and recruit more minority non science students into science.

Career in Brief:

Ph. D. , Botany and Plant Science, University of Wyoming (1971)
Research in Toxicology. At Pharmacopathics (1971-72)
Research Associates. Dept of Madison , Howard University (1972-73)
Assistant Professor Federal City College (1973-76)
Associate professor UDC (1978-82)
Professor UDC (1982- Present)

Land Grant Research area