Faculty/Staff Profiles

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College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

Angela Bullock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Technology in Social Work Education and Practice, Informal Caregiving, Co-ed Mental Health
Abdi Darai, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Chaos and Fractais, Differential Equations
Angelyn Spaulding Flowers, J.D., Ph.D., Professor 
Development and utilization of computer models and computer-based simulations to examine social destabilization phenomenon such as crime or terrorism within a complex systems framework.
Pamela Hampton-Garland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Gifted and Talented Education Advocacy, College and Career Readiness
Brandy Huderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Mammary gland breast cancer, Steroid Receptor biology
Amanda Huron, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Urban Geography, Cooperative Housing, Urban Commons, GIS, DC History
Arleen King-Berry, JD, Professor
Special Education
Judith Korey, M.A., Music Program Coordinator/Jazz Archives Curator                            jkorey@udc.edu
Preservation and Access, Presenting Music
Wynn Yarbrough, Ph.D., Associate Professorwyarbrough@udc.edu
Children’s Literature, Children’s Poetry, Gender, Education Literacy, Modern American Poetry, British/Commonwealth Poetry

College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability& Environmental Sciences (CAUSES)

James Maiden, Ph.D. Acting Associate Dean for CAUSES, Academic Programs and Acting Chair for the Department of Health, Nursing and Nutrition. james.maiden@udc.edu
Elmira Asongwed, MS, RN, CNE, Associate Professor, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Secondary prevention with anklebrachial index measurements to identify peripheral artery disease and evidence-based education interventions for adult learners
Mchezaji “Che” Axum, Director of the Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education
Soil Nutrition, High Intensity Urban Farming, Agroecology
Ralph Belton, RA, CSI, NOMA, ASEE, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Architecture and Community Planning
Preservation Rehabilitation
Pier Broadnax, Ph.D., Director, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Leadership Development, Breast Cancer in Minority Women, Childhood Obesity
Kathy Dixon, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP BD+C Associate, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Architecture and Community Planning
Urban Planning, LEED buildings
Tolessa Deksissa, Ph.D., Director, Water Resources Research Institute, Professional Science Master’s in Water Resource Management and the Environmental Quality Testing Lab
Water quality assessment and modeling; emerging contaminants; GIS based modeling of green infrastructure; trace metal analysis and speciation with ICP-MS ; analysis of pesticide, PCBs and emerging contaminants with GC-MS, analysis of pharmaceutical and personal care products using TOF-MS with DSA; fate and transport of organic contaminants in soil and water; modeling integrated urban wastewater system; adaptive water resources management; and fostering significant learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
William Hare, MSc., Associate Dean for Landgrant Programs
Soil Nutrients, Water Resources Management, Ethnic and Specialty Crops
B. Michelle Harris, Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Minority health issues and reducing health disparities
Anne Marie Jean-Baptiste, MSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, Assistant Professor,  Bachelor of Science Nursing
Critical Care and Adult Emergency Nursing
Tia Jeffrey, Ph.D., Project Specialist, Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health
Urban Health Disparities, positive youth development via nutrition education and fitness, and Senior Wellness
Dwane Jones, Ph.D., Acting Dean and Director of Land-grant Programs
Urban Sustainability, Urban Stormwater Management, Environmental Policy, Urban Design, Public Health
Lillie Monroe-Lord, Director, Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health
Inner City Childhood Obesity Prevention, Food Security, Health Literacy and Geriatrics
Sabine O’Hara, Ph.D.,
Sustainable Economic Development, Community based approaches to Economic Development, Ecological and Agricultural Economics, stakeholder based assessment, Discourse Based Valuation, Economic Development and its Social/Cultural and Environmental Context.
Matthew Richardson, Ph.D.
Understanding plant-insect relationships in human-managed, disturbed, and restored habitats.
Sebhat Tefera, Project Specialist, Environmental Quality Testing Lab, Water Resources Research Institute
Perchlorate analyses in drinking and ground water contaminants, vegetables, fruits and milk by LC/MS/MS (Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry), sodium in low sodium food products by ICP/MS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry), and detection of the adulteration of cereal flours with melamine and related triazine byproducts of ammeline, ammelide, and cyanuric acid by HPLC/DAD (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode-Array Detection)
Harris Trobman, Project Specialist in Green Infrastructure, Center for Sustainable Development
Restoration of urban systems, with a particular interest on diverse and complex systems, and his skills include socially responsive design, community engagement, landscape architecture, urban design, and horticulture
Kamran Zendehdel, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Center for Sustainable Development
Urban Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Experimental Design, Community Engagement, Group Decision Making

School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA)

Nikolai V. Ostapenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Cross-border business transactions, globalization of entrepreneurship, evolution of international economic integration, and in a variety of aspects of transnational management and global marketing management.
Yolandra Plummer, Ph.D., Director, Counseling & Student Dev.
Human Service, Equal Rights in Higher Education, Working with Special Populations
Anyu, Julius Ndumbe (2011). Blood Oil, Ethnicity and the Conflict in the Niger Delta Region in Nigeria. Mediterranean Quarterly, 22(1). Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Anyu, Julius Ndumbe (2013). The Cameroon-South Korea (Mobilong) Diamong Project and its Implications for Sustainable Development in Cameroon. Mediterranean Quarterly, 24(2). Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Anyu, Julius Ndumbe (2014). Cote d’Ivoire: Ethnic Turmoil and Foreign Intervention. Africa Today. (Forthcoming) Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Anyu, Julius Ndumbe (2015). Teething Problemsin Litigation and Regulation of Ej-Commerce. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 7(3). (Co-authored with Dr. Chigbo Ofong) Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Brown-Gaston, Racquel, and Sepehri, Mohamad (2017). Volkswagen – When the Defiance of Business Ethics Laws Becomes the New Normal, International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, 2(11), 5319-5332, http://ijsser.org/view_past2017.php?issue=11 Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Brown-Gaston, Racquel (2017). The Unsuccessful Courting of Uber and the European Union, International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Research, 1(05), 418-424, http://ijebmr.com/uploads/ART_01_113.pdf Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Hua, Jian (2011). How Can We Deter Cyber-Terrorism? Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, 21(2). (Co-authored)
Hua, Jian (2013). The Economic Impact of Cyber Terrorism, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 22(2). (Co-authored)
Hua, Jian (2013). Who Can We Trust: The Economic Impact of Insider Threats. Journal of Global Information Technology Management. (Co-authored)
Ivanov, Sergey (2011). Why Organizations Fail: A Conversation About American Competitiveness. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 4(1). Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
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Mahone, Charlie E. (2014). A Framework for Informal Economy Entry: Socio-Spatial NecessityOpportunity, and Structural-Based Factors. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 20(2). Co- authored with S. Gibbs and M. Crump) Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Makhlouf, H. (2011). Social Entrepreneurship: Generating Solutions to Global Challenges. International Journal of Management and Information Systems, 15(1). Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
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Makhlouf, H. (2014). The Causes and Consequences of Sovereign Debt. International Journal of Business, Humanities, and Technology, 4 (6). Faculty Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2011-15
Journal Articles Co-Authored with Students
Ivanov, S. and Sofia Stasishyn (2013). Organizations De-robotized: Innovation and Productivity in a Workplace Environment. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 5(4).
Ivanov, S. and Raysa Leer (2013). Rethinking the Future of Learning: The Possibilities and Limitations of Technology in Education in the 21 st Century. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 5(4).
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Ivanov, S. and Giresse Pembele (2014). Why Small Organizations Turn Down Research Requests: A Case Study. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 6(4).
Ivanov, S. and Bello Bello (2014). Growth Strategies for Very Small Organizations: A Case Study of a Very Small Entreprenship. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 6(4).
Ivanov, S. and Raysa Leer (2014)
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Ivanov, S. and Treerakit Ophartkaruna (2014). Challenges of a Small Business in Thailand: How to Reposition for Growth. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 6(4).
Books Published by Faculty in 2011-2013
Anyu, Julius Ndumbe, and Mohammed El-Khawas (2012). Hot Issues in Contemporary African Politics, New York and London: Mellen Press.
Makhlouf, H., and Alsaaty, F. (2012). The Entrepreneurial Reach. Tarentum, Pennsylvania: Word Association Publishers.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Uzma Amir
Area Robotics, STEM programs

Hossain Azam, Ph.D., P.E.
Experimental and modeling based water and wastewater (municipal & industrial) treatment, Solid waste management with leachate treatment, Water-energy-food-climate nexus, Environmental chemistry and microbiology, Groundwater/sediment remediation, Resources recovery, Environmental engineering education

Pradeep Behera, Ph.D., P.E., DWRE (Department Chair)
Water resources engineering, Urban water systems, Storm water management, Non-point source pollution, Climate change

Li Chen, Ph.D.
Image processing, Object-oriented programming and design, Algorithm design and complexity, Discrete Geometry and Digital Geometry, Data Science: Theory and Applications

Paul Cotae, Ph.D.
Digital communication, Cyber security, Machine learning, Anomaly detection, Intrusion visualization

Hongmei Dang, Ph.D.
Nanoscale device fabrication & modelling, Defect analysis, Nanoscale electronic & solar cells, 2D materials

Max Denis, Ph.D.
Diagnostic ultrasound & tissue elasticity imaging, Breast and thyroid cancer detection, Acoustic remote sensing

Anteneh Girma, Ph.D.
Information Security and Assurance, CyberSecurity, CyberSecurity Intelligence, CyberSecurity Governance, Risk Management, and Security Auditing, Cloud Computing and Security, Internet of Things and security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptography, and Data Science

Sasan Haghani, Ph.D.
Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Wireless Sensor Networks, Broadband Communications

Bryan Higgs, Ph.D.
Psychophysiological driver behavior, Transportation network vulnerability and optimization, Travel demand modeling, Multi-level multi-objective game theory

Dong Hyun Jeong, Ph.D.
Human-computer interaction, Visual analytics, Information visualization, Cloud computing

Thabet Kacem, Ph.D.
Cybersecurity, Smart transportation systems, Software-defined radios/radars, Cyber physical systems, Sea level rise

Junwhan Kim, Ph.D.
Distributed systems, software and hardware transactional memory, Fault tolerance, Wireless networking, Cross-layer optimization

Kate Klein, Ph.D. (Department Chair)
Nanomaterials synthesis & characterization, Microscopy, Electron and ion beam applications, In-situ experimentation, Mechanical properties of materials

Lily Liang, Ph.D.
Digital image processing, Artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Data mining

Wagdy Mahmoud, Ph.D., P.E.
System-level hardware/software co-design, Digital signal processing, Embedded & cyber-physical systems

Ludwig C. Nitsche, Ph.D.
Microhydrodynamics, multiphase flow and diffusion, computer simulations with particle methods, applied mathematics, applications in drug delivery

Timothy Oladunni, Ph.D.
Data analysis, Pattern recognition, Software engineering, Deep learning, Business intelligence, Data mining

Esther Ososanya, Ph.D. (Department Chair)
Microcomputer architecture, VLSI & ASIC designs, Embedded systems, Nanotechnology, Renewable energy

Amir Shahirinia, Ph.D.
Power systems integration of renewable energy and control, Bayesian statistical analysis & predictive modelling

Devdas Shetty, Ph.D., P.E.
Smart manufacturing, Design for mechatronics, Rehabilitation products, Robotics, Surface roughness

Lara Thompson, Ph.D.
Postural control and mobility, Non-invasive and invasive prostheses, Sensory substitutes, Rehabilitative devices

Pawan Tyagi, Ph.D.
Molecular spintronics, Additive manufacturing and postprocessing, Spin photovoltaic cells and solar thermal air heaters, Nano biosensors and brain imaging, Student presentation based effective Teaching (SPET)

Lei Wang, Ph.D., P.E.
Geotechnical risk and reliability, Design of resilient infrastructure, Sustainable concrete materials, Tunnels and supported excavations, Foundations and reinforced soil structures, Geotechnical earthquake engineering

Briana Wellman, Ph.D. (Department Chair)
Multi-robot system, Educational robotics, Autonomous systems

Jiajun Xu, Ph.D., P.E.
Multiscale thermal transport and energy conversion, Multiscale modeling and simulation, Thermal-fluid science, Nanotechnology, Renewable energy and water treatment, Additive manufacturing

Byunggu Yu, Ph.D.
Database, Cloud computing, Big data, Bigtable, MapReduce, Sensor-network DB, Information storage and retrieval, Spatial database, Spatio-temporal database, High-dimensional database, Indexing, Data modeling, Operating systems, Mobile database, Informatics

Ahmet Zeytinci, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow-ASCE, Fellow-NSPE
Structural engineering, Structural dynamics, Structural analysis and design, Engineering education

Nian Zhang, Ph.D.
Computational intelligence, Machine learning and data mining, Big data, time series prediction

UDC Community College (UDC-CC)

Marilyn Hamilton, M.Ed.  Dean for Academic Affairs
Effective practices related to training prospective teachers to use technology in the classroom, and the use of electronic portfolios in teacher preparation programs; 1. The effect of a single course, Technology for Teachers, on teacher candidates’ use of technology in the classroom during and after student teaching.
2. What does the electronic portfolio tell us about the teacher candidate’s capacity to impact student learning, and the belief that all students can learn?
Sandra Jowers-Barber, Ph.D., Director, Humanities Division
Interpreting, documenting and chronicling the history of the African American Deaf Community

Administrative Units

Scott King, M.S., M.S.,
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator
Student Development, Servant Leadership, Management Education, Hospitality Industry, Experiential Education, Study Abroad
Harold Obiakor, M.D. Adjunct Professor (Science/Math)
The control and eradication malaria parasites, Prevention of placental malaria, Infant Mortality
Beverly Bennett-Roberts, Ph.D. Adjunct Prof., ECLT Program Advisor           bbennettroberts@udc.edu
Early Childhood
Nancy Carlson, Ph.D., Coordinator, Counseling Graduate Program
Gifted and Talented Education (advocacy for underrepresented populations), Differentiated Counseling needs in the Schools.
Serena Butler-Johnson, Psy.D., Director, Counseling and Student Development Center       sbutlerjohnson@udc.edu
Women’s Issues, Mental Health, Expressive Therapy, Psycho-Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Working with diverse populations, Mind/Body Connections