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We don’t just want you to work in business—we want to give you the chance to make business work for you. With our emphasis on entrepreneurship, including a certificate option, the University of the District of Columbia business management program equips you not just to manage, but to lead.

Located in the heart of the nation’s capitol, UDC is an affordable and high quality educational option, attentive to your needs and committed to your success. As a land-grant institution, UDC’s mission of service to the District of Columbia community infuses all aspects of campus life, which makes for a rich and fulfilling academic experience.

Business Management Concentrations: Finance, Marketing, and Management Information Systems – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The mission of the Business Management Programs is to prepare students for careers in business, governmental, and nonprofit organizations; develop their abilities as ethical leaders; and enhance their capacities as critical thinkers in a global context.

Recognizing the importance of broad understanding and perspective in problem solving and innovation, the School will eliminate its individual Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs in Marketing, Finance, and Management Information Systems. The material covered in these programs will be brought together under a single generic BBA in Business Management program and students will be able to concentrate within the program on specific areas such as finance, marketing and management information systems. To focus its investments in high-demand programs, the School will eliminate its Bachelor of Arts in Economics program. These changes will ensure that the School offers programs that are relevant and strike a balance between comprehensiveness and focus.

Effective fall 2014, the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Marketing, Management Information Systems, and Procurement and Public Contracting, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) were discontinued as degrees for new and incoming transfer students. All three remain in our teach-out program, and with the exception of the B.B.A. in Procurement and Public Contracting, have been incorporated as concentrations as part of the B.B.A in Management Degree. The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Management is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Student Learning Objectives- Finance Concentration

Upon completion of this program:

  1. Students will demonstrate understanding of how countries affect each other economically, financially, politically, and environmentally.
  2. Students will be able to analyze and interpret financial statements, and relate financial statements to policy.
  3. Students will demonstrate mastery of core ideas of securities markets and investments, principal types of securities and their markets, corporate finance and financial analysis.
  4. Students will find the value of financial products such as common stock and financial derivatives such as hedging instruments.
  5. Students will understand theories and skills that relate to asset valuation.
  6. Students will identify real estate risk factors and measure their impact on investment performance.
  7. Students will calculate common investment criteria and project cash flows associated with corporate finance.
  8.  Students will Identify and interpret sources of law and legal issues affecting financial aspects of business.

Student Learning Objectives – Marketing Concentration

Upon completion of this program:

  1. Students will know and be able to explain the importance of the consumer for the firm, both as individuals and as members of groups, and how consumers make consumption decisions.
  2. Students will demonstrate competence in designing research, collecting and analyzing data and reporting the research results.
  3. Students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of how the various communication tools interact to form effective campaigns.
  4. Students will be able to identify and understand the various components of a marketing campaign.
  5. Students will understand the importance of culture in designing and implementing successful international campaigns.

Student Learning Objectives – Management Information Systems Concentration

Upon completion of this program:

  1. Students will have a thorough knowledge of the principles and concepts pertinent to information technology.
  2. Students will apply creative thinking skills and systems design methods in developing information technology based systems.
  3. Students will understand the human, organizational, and technical issues involved in implementing information technology-based systems and the challenges inherent to change.
  4. Students will develop teamwork skills that foster cooperation among organizational units and disciplines.
  5. Students will be aware of and able to deal with ethical and societal implications of current and future applications of information technology.

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Curriculum and Requirements in the UDC Business Management Concentration Programs

Program of Study – Finance

The concentration in Finance presents an integrated treatment of the operational aspects of business financing and investments, and the functions of financial organizations. It also examines the interaction of government and business with respect to financial development and controls.

Program of Study – Management Information Systems

The concentration in MIS prepares students for careers in the field of Information Technology (IT) by developing skills in systems analysis and design, programming, network administration, database management, and Internet web site development

Program of Study – Marketing

The concentration in Marketing prepares students for careers in marketing management, sales, advertising, marketing research, retailing, distribution, and international marketing.



Student Organizations and Activities in the UDC Business Management Program

The School of Business and Public Administration hosts chapters of Delta Mu Delta, the international college honor society in business, and Students in Free Enterprise.

In addition, students are encouraged to enroll in the internship/practicum class to gain additional work experience.


Faculty Spotlight: UDC Business Management Program

Dr. Paul Bachman, professor of management, specializes in business policy and strategy. He has served as a consultant to the Department of the Army and a number of other governmental and business organizations.

Dr. Sergey Ivanov, associate professor of management, studies scientific organizational research in government, corporate, multinational and military organizations. He teaches courses in advanced organizational and human behavior, including capstone business courses on strategy. In the classroom, Ivanov involves students by asking them to act as business executives making difficult decisions and then analyzing the second- and third-order impacts of those decisions.

Career Pathways and Prospects

With a bachelor of business administration (BBA) in management from UDC, you can pursue careers in the following fields:

  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • International business
  • Management roles in the field of your choice

For one mid-career business management major, a part-time job as a Bank of America teller held while taking classes at UDC became a full-time role as a client sales and service officer with the bank’s private wealth management division, U.S. Trust, upon graduation.

Or, you can let your ideas come to life and start your own company.

You may also continue on to the MBA program at UDC.

Contact info:

Deborah Lyons, Professor, Chair

E: | T: 202.274.7043 | F: 202.274.7105