Office of Institutional Advancement

The Office of Institutional Advancement at the University of the District of Columbia fosters a culture of philanthropy and engagement among alumni, donors, and the broader community. Our mission is to support the university’s strategic goals by securing the necessary resources, building meaningful relationships, and promoting the institution’s achievements and impact. Two important components of the Office of Institutional Advancement are the UDC Foundation and Alumni Affairs.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Fundraising and Development
    • Design and implement comprehensive fundraising campaigns to support scholarships, research, faculty development, infrastructure, and other university priorities.
    • Cultivate and steward relationships with individual donors, corporate partners, foundations, and other funding sources.
  2. Alumni Relations
    • Develop and maintain robust alumni networks, encouraging lifelong engagement through events, communications, and volunteer opportunities.
    • Organize reunions, networking events, and professional development programs to keep alumni connected to the university.
  3. Communications and Marketing
    • Create compelling narratives that highlight the university’s successes, needs, and opportunities for support.
    • Manage branding and outreach efforts to ensure a consistent and positive image of the university.
  4. Gift Administration
    • Ensure accurate and transparent processing of donations, adhering to legal and ethical standards.
    • Provide detailed reporting to donors, demonstrating the impact of their contributions.
  5. Partnerships and Collaborations
    • Foster strategic partnerships with local, national, and international organizations to enhance the university’s resources and influence.
    • Collaborate with university departments to align advancement efforts with institutional priorities.

UDC Foundation

The UDC Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the University of the District of Columbia, committed to supporting the university’s mission through financial contributions, stewardship of endowed funds, and strategic investment in university initiatives. Our goal is to enhance educational opportunities, promote academic excellence, and foster innovation.

Key Functions

  1. Endowment Management
    • Oversee the investment and growth of the university’s endowment to ensure long-term financial stability and support for future generations.
    • Allocate endowment earnings to scholarships, faculty chairs, research funds, and other critical areas.
  2. Grantmaking
    • Award grants to faculty, students, and programs that align with the university’s mission and strategic priorities.
    • Support initiatives that advance education, research, community service, and student success.
  3. Donor Engagement
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with donors, recognizing their contributions and ensuring their philanthropic goals are met.
    • Provide transparent reporting and regular updates on the impact of their gifts.
  4. Strategic Initiatives
    • Identify and fund innovative projects that drive academic excellence, community engagement, and institutional growth.
    • Support capital projects, such as new facilities and technological advancements, that enhance the university’s capabilities.
  5. Community Outreach
    • Engage with the local community to promote the university’s role as a hub of education and innovation.
    • Organize events, workshops, and programs that benefit both the university and the broader community.

Together, the Office of Institutional Advancement and the UDC Foundation work synergistically to elevate the University of the District of Columbia, ensuring that it remains a leading institution committed to excellence, access, and community impact. Through dedicated efforts in fundraising, alumni relations, donor stewardship, and strategic investments, we strive to create a lasting legacy of support and success for our students, faculty, and programs.