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Curriculum Program of Study

Effective Spring 2015 – Click here to download curriculum.

Course Numbers Pre-Requisite Associate Degree Course Requirements Credit Hours
IGED 110 and 111 Foundation Writing I and II (English Composition I-II) 6
IGED 120 and 220 Foundation Quantitative Reasoning I and II (College Math I-II) 6
IGED 130 Foundation Oral Communication (Public Speaking) 3
IGED Sciences in AASN Lecture and Lab (Anatomy & Physiology I-II, and Microbiology) 12
NURS 100-200 AASN Nursing Courses 30
Total Associate Degree Pre-Licensure Course Total 57
(Fall, Spring, or Summer)
Course Numbers Junior Level General Education Requirements Credit Hours
Electives (Examples: Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Health Education, etc.) 7
IGED 210 Discovery Writing 3
IGED 250 Discovery Technology 3
IGED 260 Discovery Science Lecture and Lab 4
IGED 270 Discovery Diversity 3
IGED 280 Discovery Civics 3
IGED 391 and 392 Frontier Exploration & Inquiry Capstone I and II – Waived 0
Interdisciplinary General Education Courses (Initiated in Fall 2010) 23
JUNIOR LEVEL NURSING COURSES (Fall Semester Nursing Courses)
Course Numbers Junior Level Nursing Courses – Fall Semester Credit Hours
NURS 300 RN to BSN Transition Course 3
NURS 301 Health Assessment Theory 2
NURS 302 Health Assessment Lab 2
NURS 348 Pathophysiology 3
NURS 350 Ethical Issues in Health Care (Hybrid) – IGED 140 Substitute for Foundation Ethics 3
Fall Semester Junior Level Nursing Course Total 13
JUNIOR LEVEL NURSING COURSES (Spring Semester Nursing Courses)
Course Numbers Junior Level Nursing Courses – Spring Semester Credit Hours
NURS 305* Professional Nursing Issues in Practice Seminar (Hybrid) 2
NURS 306* Professional Nursing Issues in Practice Practicum 2
NURS 354 Gerontological Nursing Theory (Hybrid) 3
NURS 356 Legal Issues and Healthcare Policy 3
NURS 455* Nursing Research (Writing in the Major) 3
*Pre-Requisite NURS 300 Spring Semester Junior Level Nursing Course Total 13
Course Numbers Senior Level Nursing Courses Credit Hours
NURS 449 Leadership and Management Theory 3
NURS 448 Leadership and Management Clinical 2
NURS 464 Urban Community Health Issues Theory (Hybrid) 3
NURS 465 Urban Community Health Issues Practicum 2
NURS 471 Clinical Preceptorship – Capstone Seminar 2
NURS 472 Clinical Preceptorship – Capstone Clinical 2
Senior Level Nursing Course Total 14

Applicants to the BSN program must be graduates of an Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing accredited program and possess a current District of Columbia Registered Nurse license. All applicants must verify current CPR-BLS certification, health clearance, and liability insurance. Enrollees must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or better and grades of C or better in all courses. All pre-requisite and junior level courses (106 semester credit hours) must be completed prior to progression to the BSN senior level courses.