Institute of Gerontology (IOG)

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Building 71, 5th Floor

Washington, DC 20008

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The Institute of Gerontology’s mission is to help preserve the independence of District of Columbia residents and to support low-income and disabled people 60 years old and above, with high-quality and compassionate volunteer service, through our Senior Companion and Respite Aide programs.

Health, wellness, and fitness for seniors 60 years old and above in the District of Columbia are provided by the Institute of Gerontology, through its Bodywise, Fitness, and Health program.

Higher education, tuition assistance, and intergenerational social engagement are provided by the Institute of Gerontology through its Senior Tuition program, for District of Columbia residents 65 years old and above.



The Institute of Gerontology’s vision is to improve the lives of seniors who need assistance to live independently in their homes and communities; to enhance their quality of life through health, wellness, and fitness; to live longer and more productive lives, and to improve cognitive ability and social engagement through University courses for District of Columbia senior citizens.


Core Values



Program Overview

Senior Tuition Program – Tuition and fees normally required for students will be waived for qualifying senior citizens. In order to qualify applicants must be 65 years of age or older, residents of the District of Columbia, and admitted to the University. If a Senior Tuition Student would like to obtain a degree, he/she is required to pay half of the tuition and fees set for the students in their program. Courses are available at the UDC Community College and Van Ness Campus.

The Bodywise Health and Fitness Program – A free program designed to promote health, wellness, and fitness for DC residents who are 60 years of age or above. Some of the benefits which may be attained include an increase in participants’ cardiovascular efficiency, improved muscular strength and flexibility, and increased knowledge of physical activity.

The Bodywise program consists of water aerobics, yoga, low-impact aerobics, and movement/chair exercises. Classes are conducted by certified instructors. For the program application, click here.

The Senior Companion Program – Touches the lives of adults who need extra assistance to live independently in their own homes and communities. The program serves frail older adults, adults with disabilities, and those with terminal illnesses. Senior Companions assist their adult clients in basic, but essential, ways: offering companionship and friendship to isolated older adults, assisting with simple chores, providing transportation, and adding richness to their clients’ lives.

The Respite Aide Program – Provides in-home assistance to seniors living alone. The program also provides support to caregivers. The service helps individuals and families deal with the challenges of living independently in older adulthood.



Ajeenah Abdul-Haqq
Project Specialist, Aging and Wellness
O: 202-274-6729 C: 202-924-8048 F: 202-274-6605

James Lee 
Senior Program Coordinator for the Senior Companion Program
Institute of Gerontology
O:202-274-6658 C:202-934-0495 F: 202-274-6605

Pamela Williams
Project Assistant
Center for Nutrition, Diet, and Health
P:202-274-6602 C:202-934-0494 F: 202-274-6605

Mireille Mbakop
Program Coordinator, Bodywise and Respite Aid Program
P:202.274.6623 C: 202-573-1928 F: 202-274-6605


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