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Meet your Academic Advisors

AAC Home Degree Works FAQs Meet Your Academic Advisors Community College STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALISTS COMMUNITY COLLEGE ADVISING CASELOADS Prof. Kunhee Lee kunhee.lee@udc.edu 202.274.6362 Education Dr. Janice Jackson janice.jackson1@udc.edu 202.235.5385 Architectural Engineering Tech., Computer Accounting Tech., Computer Science Technology, Construction Management, Graphic Design, Music Ms. Tara McNair tara.mcnair@udc.edu 202.875.2066 Administrative Office Management, Aviation Maintenance Tech., Business… Continue Reading Meet your Academic Advisors
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What is Academic Coaching?

WELCOME TO UDC At UDC, the city isn’t our location; it’s our campus. From the Community College to workforce development programs and more, UDC is active in every ward--providing a quality education and enriching the lives of students, neighbors, and stakeholders alike. APPLY TODAY GIVE TO UDC WELCOME TO UDC At UDC, the city isn’t… Continue Reading What is Academic Coaching?
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