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Land Grant Overview

The University of the District of Columbia is a totally urban land-grant University and is part of the National Land-Grant System.  The University is a member of the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU).  A land-grant institution is a college or university that has been designated by its state legislature or in our case, Congress, to receive the benefits of the Morrill Act of 1862 and 1890.  UDC was established from the Morrill Act of 1862.  Justin Smith Morrill, a congressman from Vermont, introduced the Land-Grant Act as an effort to assure that education would be made available to people in all social classes.  Abraham Lincoln signed the bill on July 2, 1862. This bill made it possible for new western states to establish colleges for their citizens, providing opportunities to those who may have previously been excluded from the benefits of higher education.


College of Urban Agriculture and Environmental Studies (CAUSES)

CAUSES Academic Programs

RN to BS in Nursing – Dr. Pier Broadnax, Program Director
Nutrition and Dietetics - Dr. Prema Ganganna, Program Director
Urban Architecture and Community Planning - Dr. Susan Kliman, Program Director
PSM in Water Resources Management - Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Health Education - John Slack, Program Director

CAUSES Land-grant Programs

Center for Urban Agriculture & Gardening Education – Che' Axum, Director
Center for Sustainable Development – Dr. Dwane Jones, Director
Water Resources Research Institute – Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health - Dr. Lillie Monroe-Lord, Director
Institute of Gerontology - Claudia John, Director
Center for 4-H and Youth Development – Rebecca Bankhead, Director
Architectural Research Institute - Clarence Pearson, Director

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