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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Workforce Development courses and programs have tuition and fees?

The Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning (WDLL) educational offerings are at no cost to DC residents. Offering classes at no cost is made possible through funding received from the District of Columbia Government and from other grants.

Are courses or programs available to non-DC residents at no cost?

The mission of WDLL is to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the District of Columbia by enhancing the skills of its residents. While we acknowledge that countless others in the immediate area could benefit from continuing their education, WDLL exclusively serves DC residents.

Do income restrictions exist for employed DC residents?

While our mission is clear, WDLL does allow enrollment of DC residents who are not unemployed or underemployed. Further, there are no income restrictions.

Is Workforce Development a part of UDC?

WDLL exists as a division within the Office of the Chief Academic Officer. WDLL offers certification-based programs that are designed to flow into the Associate’s and Bachelor’s programs at the university.

What’s the difference between Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education?

WDLL’s courses and programs are offered at no cost, exclusively to unemployed and underemployed DC residents. Courses are delivered in a traditional lecture setting and are categorized into five career pathways: Construction and Property Management, Healthcare (Direct Care and Healthcare Administration), Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology, and Office Administration and Transportation.

Continuing Education provides high-quality online professional development classes, and classroom-based enrichment workshops at an affordable cost to all residents. Over 1,000 courses and programs are available via third-party vendors such as Ed2Go, Gatlin, ProTrain, and Legal Studies. These courses and programs are especially useful for individuals interested in career advancement or career change.

Does Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning assist students with job placement?

WDLL’s core competency is to provide educational opportunities that can help students to emerge into sustainable careers. To assist with the transition from education to employment, WDLL provides career counselors and employer outreach coordinators. Career counselors help prepare students for employment by assisting students to develop résumés, interview skills, and the “soft skills” necessary for DC’s competitive job market. The employer outreach coordinators develop partnerships with employers to enhance participation in reviewing students for employment opportunities.

Are students who complete Workforce Development programs eligible to receive college credit for this work?

Presently, Workforce Development courses and programs do not offer credit towards conjoining degree programs; however, WDLL is pursuing the development of an internal articulation agreement. Although we do not have a timeline for implementation, the agreement will be structured to grant credits to students who have completed coursework prior to implementation.


Contact Us

For information, contact the UDC Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning at workforce@udc.edu.

WDLL courses are offered at two UDC locations:

Congress Heights Campus
3100 Martin Luther King Jr SE
Washington, DC 20032

Lamond-Riggs Campus (formerly known as Bertie Backus Campus) (Limited Offering)
5171 South Dakota Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20017

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