A Message From the Dean of the Community College

A Message From the Dean of the Community College

A Message From the Dean of the Community College

Marilyn A.L. Hamilton, Ph.D., Dean Community CollegeI hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits as we eagerly start a new academic year at the University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC). I extend my warmest welcome to both returning and new students joining our vibrant community.

As Dean, I am honored to lead a College that values excellence, diversity and the pursuit of knowledge. Our campus is a melting pot of talent, culture and ideas, and each of you brings a unique and valued perspective that further enriches our environment.

At UDC-CC, we believe education can transform and empower you. Please approach your academic journey with curiosity and determination. To help us help you, we ask you to: focus on your studies; work hard to submit all assignments on time; and commit to completing your degree. If you are falling behind, NEVER GIVE UP! Let us know so we can provide the necessary resources to help you bounce back.

Our dedicated faculty members are committed to fostering an inclusive learning experience. Beyond the classroom, explore the  any extracurricular activities, clubs and community engagement opportunities that can tap into your passions and create lasting memories.

Nursing students practice patient care.With the new academic year, let’s embrace our collective potential, support one another and strive for greatness. I am confident that together we will make a profound impact both within our College and the broader community.

Let’s make this year an extraordinary year!

Marilyn A.L. Hamilton, Ph.D., Dean
Community College