SBPA students experience life-changing trip to United Kingdom in first-ever study abroad course

SBPA students experience life-changing trip to United Kingdom in first-ever study abroad course

SBPA students experience life-changing trip to United Kingdom in first-ever study abroad course

SBPA students experience life-changing trip to United Kingdom in first-ever study abroad course

UDC study abroad students and professors in front of Nottingham Trent University’s Business School. L to R: Camaren Rogers, Meri Zakaryan, Dr. Anshu Arora, Matthew Miller, Lakesia Brighthaupt, Dr. Alex Tan, Daniel Orebiyi and Arlene Marshall.


This summer, the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) offered the first-ever study abroad course in Nottingham and London, United Kingdom. Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the BGMT 395 study abroad course was offered from June 30 to August 13, 2022, as an elective for the Logistics & International Trade (LIT) Analytics concentration. It can be counted as a business management elective for business majors across all SBPA disciplines and concentrations. Students can opt for this course across all schools and colleges at UDC. Engineering and non-business majors enrolled in the LIT analytics concentration can use this course effectively towards fulfilling LIT requirements. Six students—Arlene Marshall, Lakesia Brighthaupt, Camaren Rogers, Meri Zakaryan, Matthew Miller and Daniel Orebiyi—participated in the course taught by Dr. Anshu Arora, associate professor of marketing and director of the LIT Center.

“When the LIT center team at SBPA and SEAS applied for the National Science Foundation
grant in 2019, we envisaged global orientation as a major part of the LIT program, where UDC students across all schools and colleges could gain international exposure,” she said. “We are thankful to NSF for believing in our students and us.”

Dr. Arora said the grant opened international doors for students and faculty alike.“Students received a lifetime opportunity to meet and understand different cultures, and UDC
faculty explored international research and teaching collaboration opportunities,” she said.

“Three UDC students who traveled for this trip to the UK had never traveled abroad, and one student was taking the airplane ride for the first time. In short, the trip and the knowledge that our students gained through Nottingham Trent University’s global business design and innovation curriculum changed our students’ perspectives and transformed them into ‘global’ citizens.”

The course was supported by Dr. Amit Arora, associate professor of supply chain management and Dr. Tih Koon Tan, professor and department chair of accounting and finance. These
professors are all actively involved in the study abroad program to conduct research abroad with global academic collaborators and ensure that the UDC students gain international

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is one of the UK’s largest and most popular research universities. NTU ranks among the top five UK research universities, with about 40,000
students. NTU has received the Queens Anniversary Prize—the highest national honor for a UK university. NTU runs a Global Summer School with special programs on design and innovation in business and international fashion branding, where UDC students enhance their creativity by exploring techniques from design professions—product, service, user experience and more —
to generate new and innovative ideas and solutions.

“This study abroad trip has been one for the books,” said Daniel Orebiyi, a junior electrical engineering student. “I want to thank NSF for sponsoring us. Without them, I would be unable to travel and meet people and cultures worldwide. Working alongside people from India, France, Canada and others helped me expand my knowledge and future horizons.”

Junior marketing student Lakesia Brighthaupt agreed.

“It was just an amazing experience. If you’ve never been abroad, you need to take the trip,” she said. “To learn so many different languages and to be able to relate or understand through different language barriers is awesome. I’ve never been out of the United States before this trip and now want to visit more places abroad and meet many other people.”

Meri Zakaryan, an accounting and finance major, LIT student, and recent graduate, said it was a“once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“The majestic Nottingham with its extraordinary architecture was another part of the trip that was very inspirational,” she said. “I am among many students whose life has changed positively due to the trip. I enjoyed my time in the UK meeting people?? and spent most days working and collaborating with students representing other countries and cultures. Professional skills, such as critical thinking, planning, strategizing and product design, have been acquired because of taking the course.”

Arlene Fairley Marshall, a senior marketing major and LIT student, said she had never considered the design and innovation process behind items she would likely market or trade one

“I gained incredible knowledge into the design process during my UK trip,” she said. “Having this insight will benefit me in my career. During the trip, I interacted with 14 different

Camaren Rogers, a senior management major and LIT student, said that she has become culturally sensitive through interacting and developing strong, lasting relationships with people from other cultures.

“Opening my mind to so many different cultures and experiences has been so welcoming and provided me with a positive impact on a level I’ve never experienced before,” she said. “These experiences are life-changing and are more rewarding than you could ever experience from just staying at home. What I experienced while studying abroad was so much more than I expected.”

Dr. Arora agrees with her students and is grateful for the opportunity.

“The study abroad experiences for our students changed their lives for the better,” she said. “Not only do they start appreciating people and cultures from all over the world and become truly global, but they also start appreciating their own culture.”

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