UDC Student Art Auction

The UDC Student Art Auction is an event organized and produced by the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, Chavar Henry, and the Department of Student Development & Success. The auction is an effort to assist student artists financially during the pandemic, and also to generate dollars for the UDC Foundation’s Student Emergency Relief Fund. The goal is to raise $20,000 in order to support artists and other students who may be in need.



Emmanuel Thomas

Artist Bio

I am currently a senior Studio Arts major, class of 2021, at UDC. Since the age of 3, I have been creating art. I have experience creating work with a vast array of materials. I began majoring in art in high school in 2012, and have since been honing my artistic abilities in school. I have exhibited work in places such as the Largo Public Library, Suitland High School, and Prince George’s Community College. I have won 1st place in an exhibition held at Prince George’s Community College and 3rd place amongst 50 people in an art competition held at Largo Public Library. I have worked with world-renowned artist Alexandri Keto in a large mural piece covering a great portion of a wall on Suitland High School. I believe my art is a gift, and the purpose of my work is to promote Jesus through various mediums and methods.

Emmanuel Thomas - "Glory"


Dimensions: 48 x 36 x 0.75 in

Opening Bid Amount:   $100

In the midst of anxiety, we tend to forget things we already know. Biblical truths like God never leaving us nor forsaking us, or how He has plans to prosper us, to give us a future and a hope. This piece was made to show how anxiety can cause our perspective to be distorted. How it will even cause us to miss things if we don’t choose to keep walking in the midst of it. The artist wanted to portray through this that, even in the midst of anxiety, we must continue walking. That we cannot allow our fears to bring us to a halt in life and cause us to miss out on opportunities. Through this piece, the artist desires to encourage us to walk through our anxieties, knowing that on the other side of it is a reward worthy of the suffering we endured.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21  – $400

"Against" Art work


Dimensions: 18 x 13.75 x 0.75 in

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

This piece was made in response to the end times, which is written about in the book of Revelations. The artist also worked with the scripture Psalms 119:11 in mind, saying, “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” This is seen as the artist uses blurred lines to evoke a sense of covering or hiding. The artist wanted to display the immense amount of turmoil that would undergo the earth, and how much more difficult it will be to follow Christ during those times, through the multiplicity of the directions of the lines seen in this piece. He wanted to make the statement of how the ways of this world will completely defy the ways of God, and how, in order to follow God, one would have to turn away from the ways of the world.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21  – $250.00



Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 0.625 in

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

This piece was brought about when the artist recalled an occasion with his grandmother. One day as they were looking at the clouds, she told him of a time when she looked into the clouds and saw a bright figure wearing a robe with the likeness of a rainbow. In the midst of his recollection, he looked to the clouds and thought of how much wonder the sky holds, and how wonderful God is. This led him to create a piece, using the clouds and various colors, to display symbols of things God has made/done. The color blue in this piece is used to represent heaven, purple being royalty, and the red signifying the blood Jesus shed on cavalry. There are 7 circles in all representing completion. The top three circles with the darkest blue clouds represent each of the heavens (such as the 1st heaven, 2nd, and 3rd heaven). The artist used metallic paint for a reflection to give the sense of glory in the 3rd heaven, because that is where God resides. The middle cloud, which is the lightest blue, stands for the sky which separates heaven and earth. The mixing of the purple clouds and the blue is how Jesus humbled Himself below heaven to become as one of us.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00

Oshin Wilson

Artist Bio

My name is Oshin Wilson, an international student from the island of Jamaica. I am a second semester junior currently completing my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy styling myself and others, taking pictures, and listening to music. One fun fact about me is that my name means flower.

The Different Sides to a Woman - Art work

The Different Sides to a Woman.

Dimension: 18 x 24

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

Description: This art piece symbolizes the different sides of a woman. The color black which is the backbone of the piece represents her strength and resilience of holding things together. White represents her purity and grace as she shows off her elegance to the world. One gift of a woman is the ability to reproduce and as such the pink represents her motherly characteristics and the ability to make a home feels like a home. Not only does a woman makes a home feels like a home but she helps to maintain balance and stability in the family, and this is where the color grey comes in. Despite all the duties and expectations that a woman has to carry out, she still sparkles (the silver) like a queen with or without her crown. All women are queens, and all women are phenomenal.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $200.00

The Valley of Life

The Valley of Life

Dimension: 18x 24

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

Description: Life is full of many twists and turns (the channel of the river), ups and downs (the hills). It is a journey that we all must travel to gain our own experience. Sometimes we make mistakes, and we learn from those mistakes and then try again. Many of us have goals that we dream to accomplish but a goal without plan is just a wish. Therefore, to achieve our goals we must be willing to put in the work, stay consistent, trust God, believe in ourselves and we will be sure to see the light (the sunset) at the end.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $225.00

Big Drip - Artwork

Big Drip

Dimension: 12 x 12

Opening Bid Amount:   $25

Description: Coco Chanel is a world-renowned luxury brand. Fashion is something that I find very interesting, because it does just exist, it is all around us. I consider Chanel to be one of my favorite fashion brands because I am fascinated with its unique quality products. This art piece reminds me of one aspect of the many things that I consider to be the finer things in life.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00

Rajay N. Rodney

Classification: Junior

Major:  Health Education conc. Public Health

African Savanna - Artwork

African Savannah

Size: 20 x 24

Opening Bid Amount:   $75

This is a 2- piece panel painting that captures an African Savannah scene on a sunny day.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $330.00

Romantic Violin Painting

Romantic Violin Painting

Size: 18 x 24

Opening Bid Amount:   $75

This is a painting of a natural wood violin and its violin bow against a dark background which blends into a wine red shade in the foreground. The violin lays flat along wine red surface with the violin bow stretching across the strings. The choice of colors helps to create a romantic feeling and aura that is aesthetically pleasing to the onlooker.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $300.00

The American Dream - Artwork

The American Dream

Size: 24 x 18

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

This is a pour painting piece that incorporates the colors of the American flag. This piece carries some symbolism as the black background which symbolizes the dark past and history of the United States of America and the way in which America continues to come forward from the hardships faced by particularly black folks in helping to live the American Dream. The blending of the colors of the American flag shows the dream which many possess- an America where everyone is blended and feels important and belonged.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $250.00

Andrae D. Harris

I am a 21-year-old International Student from Jamaica with a passion for art. I’m currently in my Junior studying Civil Engineering. I have used this opportunity to express myself and share my talent with the UDC community.

Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture

Size: 10 x 20

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

This piece is a painting and mixed media piece on a 10×20 canvas. The main materials used to complete this piece were acrylic paint and permanent markers. The inspiration came from the song “Bigger Picture” by Lil Baby which really stood out to me as a summary of all that happened during 2020. I used the images painted by his song and my own experience to encapsulate my emotions in one piece. The main focus of the piece is the portrait of a young black man with eyes filled with tears. He is wearing a mask that represents the “new normal” and the fact that COVID-19 is still an issue we have to deal with in 2021. Behind him are several hashtags that represent important things that happened in 2020, people who died, movements, etc.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $125.00

Niagara Falls - Artwork

Niagara Falls

Size:  16 x 20

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

This piece is an acrylic painting on a 16×20 canvas. This piece was inspired by my trip in the summer of 2020 when I visited Niagara Falls. I had snapped a photograph and thought why not recreate this scene. I enjoyed that day and would like to share that memory with the UDC community.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00

Sunset Escape

Sunset Escape

Size: 20 x 20

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

Sunset Escape is an acrylic painting on a 20×20 canvas. This piece was created during a time of mental clarity and while I experienced serenity. I reflected on my home in Jamaica and how it would feel to be by the beach watching the sunset. With all that happened in 2020 I decided to name this piece “Sunset Escape” because it serves as an escape from all the negativity and takes one’s mind to a tranquil sunset seascape.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $250.00

Andrea Ible ( Anne- Dree-Uhh, Eye-Bull )

“I personally never really identified myself as an artist rather, someone who appreciates the aesthetic and connection between similar & different minds alike. We may all be different but we can all appreciate great art”.

Artistic Painter, Digital Artist

Class of 2022

Major: Psychology

M0Kah Kream (mocha cream) - artwork

M0Kah Kream (mocha cream)

[8 in X 10 in]

Opening Bid Amount:  $25

{I Created this piece through my Chocolate and cream colored lense, Finding a hidden Facial sculpture underneath these layered colors.}

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $125.00

Cacti Impressionists

Cacti Impressionists 

[8 in X 10in]

{I Created this piece to re-modernize the European impressionistic era through cacti’s.}

Opening Bid Amount:  $25

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $125.00

Floral BLK Magic - Artwork
Modern Man - artwork

Floral BLK Magic (2 pieces)

[4”x 6”] —- Canvas Panel

Opening Bid Amount:  $50

{I Created this piece to bring from within the strong notion being, The body of the beholder blossoms the most unexpected root of them all…. Black Magic.}

Modern Man 

[4”x 6”]—- Canvas Panel

{I Created this piece to be seen through the reality of Today’s Modern media.}

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $90.00

Mya Cottrell

Mya Cottrell is a 19 y/o visual artist from Washington DC. Mya has started her interest in art when she was 9 years old with her early drawings, later she starts to paint when she was 15. Mya decided to look into a career in the visual arts when she was 16 because she wanted to be in a career that she loves. When she graduated from high school, she went to The University of the District of Columbia Community College, majoring in graphic design. Mya has a passion and a love for art ever since she started to draw. She aspires to become an illustrator when she graduates from the class of 2023 and continues to do what she loves.

Living in Technicolor

Living in Technicolor

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: 15 * 20

Opening Bid Amount:  $35

Description: A girl sees herself in black and white, even though her world is in vibrant color.

(Disclaimer: The painting will look different from the picture as shown)

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $35.00

The Mysterious Lady

The Mysterious Lady

Medium: Digital illustration (Procreate)

Dimension: 8.5 * 11 (printed)

Opening Bid Amount:   $20

Description: The lady is looking on to the horizon on a clear day at the beach.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $210.00

Calm Waves - Artwork

Calm Waves

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 20 x 16

Opening Bid Amount:  $35

Description: A beautiful island scenery with distance views of the mountains.

(Disclaimer: The painting will look different from picture as shown)

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $85.00


Zarena, pronounced “CZARena” is a diverse and colorful soul. She is a passionate Pediatric Medical Assistant and non-traditional full-time Pre-Med Senior. Zarena is an entrepreneur specializing in handmade crochet delicacies. She enjoys all things artistic specifically, crocheting, piano, harp, and baking. Zarena is currently furthering her pediatric medical career while blending it with the healing of art and music!

My Silent Moon - artwork

My Silent Moon

Dimension: 19.75 x 15.75 x .50

Opening Bid Amount:  $50

Hand-painted Original – Canvas, 19.75″length×15.75″width, 0.50″ depth. This is an abstract painting of a lunar moon. The angle is painted to show a supine position staring up into the night sky. The trees are painted to show the moon peeking through from this angle. It was painted with heavy emotion on the evening of my birthday. Please take care of my artwork. May it bring you peace during your “Silent Moons”…

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21- $165.00

Extended Beauty

Extended Beauty

Dimension: 19.75×15.75x.50

Opening Bid Amount:   $50

“Extended Beauty” Hand-painted Original – Canvas, 19.75″length×15.75″width, 0.50″ depth. This is a serene painting of a tree from my line of vision. The branches represent my various levels of beauty. The branches have streaks of color to represent the extensions of goddesses that have colored my life with their presence. Please take care of my artwork. May it bring you peace during your process of self-beautification…

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21- $75.00

Cherie Latson

My name is Cherie Latson and I am a native Washingtonian. I studied Visual Art at Duke Ellington, now I am a junior studying to get my Music Education degree from the College of Arts and Sciences.

"Beauty: Nonlocal Color 1- 'Bodacious'" - Artwork

Beauty: Nonlocal Color 1- ‘Bodacious’

Dimension: 2′ x 4″ x 1’8″

Opening Bid Amount:  $100

Part of a series. I wanted to reflect the beauty of women in robust colors.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00

"Beauty: Nonlocal Color 2- 'The Ex'"

Beauty: Nonlocal Color 2- ‘The Ex’

Dimension: 2′ x 1′ 3″

Opening Bid Amount:  $50

I had a premonition of my ex-boyfriend thinking about his ex-girlfriend and I later saw a picture of her. She looked like this.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00



Dimension: 3′ x 3′

Opening Bid Amount:  $50

The one where I am holding the paint brush upside down with the figure in a straight jacket on top is called “Stripped.” This piece is a commentary on fragile mental health and enduring sexual assault.

Final Highest Bid as of 4/20/21 – $100.00