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The University of the District of Columbia Student Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to represent UDC programs to internal and external constituents. Student Ambassadors serve to set the tone for prospective students and their families.  They guide, direct, inform, and teach prospective students what to expect from campus life.  In addition, Student Ambassadors serve as special event assistants representing the student and broader communities.  Concerts, grand openings, alumni events, new student orientation, conferences, hosting campus VIPs, etc. constitute examples of special events in which the student ambassadors should engage.  Student Ambassador will be the face of the program and act as student liaison with the various communities that UDC serves both on and off-campus.

The mission of the Student Ambassador Program is to share the UDC experience with prospective students, their families, and community members. Our objective is to practice UDC purpose and values while addressing questions and concerns. As proud Firebirds, we will encourage higher education as an opportunity for all people and strive to strengthen the relationships among faculty, staff, students, and the community.  Student Ambassadors, selected for their demonstration of leadership, campus involvement, academic achievement, and UDC pride, strive to convey the value of a life-long relationship between the University and all of our stakeholders on campus.

Student Ambassador Roles

Ambassadors, have a pulse on how students want to have fun while on campus. They organize events that allow the campus community to come together in various ways.  Prospective students gain invaluable insight from student ambassadors, which will help them understand what it is to be a college student today.

Ambassadors engage in activities that:

  • communicate the mission and culture of the University;
  • strengthen our traditions;
  • promote UDC pride; and
  • encourage lifelong involvement with the University.
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